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Mother’s Day Preview: Personalized Gifts Celebrating Family

By On March 27, 2017

Almost every kid wants to be their Mom’s “favorite child.” I know I did! Every year, I would go to great lengths to stay a few steps ahead of my brothers, much… Read More

Easter Gifts

6 Fresh Gift Ideas for Easter

By On March 20, 2017

Easter is less than a month away! It’s always such an inspiring time of year, as one of the holiest of days coincides with the emergence of spring. Green grass, budding flowers,… Read More

Cuckool Clock
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Tick Tock – Time for a New Clock?

By On March 13, 2017

I hope you remembered to set your clocks forward this past weekend! It’s never easy losing an hour of sleep, but it always makes me feel better when the sun begins to… Read More

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Rockin’ Tributes to 5 Music Legends

By On March 7, 2017

Music is a powerful medium. Musicians can make us feel deep emotions with their melodies and lyrics. Many people are drawn to a certain genre of music, while others switch it up… Read More