15 Signs You’re a Diehard Chicago Blackhawks® Fan

It’s an exciting time to be a hockey fan in Chicago. As a proud member of the Original Six®, the Chicago Blackhawks® have built quite a reputation for themselves in recent years. They’re looking to bring home their third Stanley Cup® in six years, and they have some of the most devoted and enthusiastic fans in NHL® hockey cheering them on.

So in honor of their bid for the 2015 Stanley Cup® Championship, I’ve compiled a list of 15 things that make Chicago Blackhawks® fans unique. Read on to see if you have what it takes to join the ranks of diehard fans, then share the love with friends, family and fellow fans by posting this list on Facebook and Twitter!

You’re Definitely a Chicago Blackhawks® Fan If:

1. Your fist automatically starts to pump whenever you hear “Chelsea Dagger.”

2. You believe that the National Anthem should always be accompanied by thunderous applause and cheering.

3. And you instinctively lift your arm towards the flag with a swell of pride when you hear the line, “That our flag was still there.”

4. You believe that a playoff mullet is a perfectly acceptable alternative to a playoff beard.

5. You know how to pronounce “Toews” correctly (and no, it does not rhyme with “goes”).

6. You’ve had your picture taken with your head inside Tommy Hawk’s beak.

7. You know all the words to “Here Come the Hawks!”

8. You believe the most important quality in a head coach is an impressive ‘stache.

9. You refuse to acknowledge that “Hawks” refers to any professional sports team other than the Chicago Blackhawks®. Sorry, Seattle and Atlanta.

10. You have four words for anyone who questions Coach Q’s decisions (and you probably say them in a heavy Chicago accent): “Two Cups, my friend.”

11. In your dictionary, a Crow doesn’t fly, a Sharpie isn’t a writing instrument, and a Tazer is only dangerous when #19 is on the ice.

12. You don’t drink coffee, but you can’t deny that #ChicagoRunsOnDuncan.

13. During playoffs season, you have only #OneGoal.

14. You always wear red on game day.

15. When the puck drops on a Chicago Blackhawks® game, you tune into the broadcast … EEEEEEMEDIATELY!

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I hope you enjoyed this list. Let me know if there are any “signs” that I missed by adding a comment below! In the meantime, thanks for reading – and go Blackhawks®!

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