6 Reasons You Should Spoil Mom on Mother’s Day

6 Reasons You Should Spoil Mom on Mother's Day

Being a mother has many rewards, least of which is the indescribable love, pride and tenderness you have for your kids. They bring you countless moments of joy and wonder, and teach you more about life than you could ever learn in books. But even with all those perks, motherhood is no cake walk. It also comes with plenty of sleepless nights, sticky messes, temper tantrums and plenty more patience-testing challenges to one’s overall sanity.

If you need even more reasons to pamper your mom this Mother’s Day (it’s on May 8 this year), here are six fool-proof arguments for going all out on Mother’s Day gifts:

She does it all. Nurse, cook, chauffeur, disciplinarian, tutor, playmate, housekeeper, cheerleader, financial advisor, life coach, best friend — moms fill so many different roles, it’s a wonder they have time to even sleep. And they don’t even get to list those things on their resumés. That’s all the more reason to honor their tireless efforts and superhuman accomplishments on Mother’s Day!

She works multiple jobs. We all know being a mom is a full-time job, but many mothers work other jobs as well. That’s a lot of hours logged, many of them without financial compensation. Sure, the emotional rewards of motherhood are priceless, but a little something extra once in a while sure doesn’t hurt! Think of Mother’s Day gifts as annual bonuses that we give to the hardest working people on the planet: moms.

She’s always on call. One of the best things about a mother is knowing she’s always there when you need help, advice or a sympathetic ear. Day or night, rain or shine, in sickness or in health, she’s always ready to come to the rescue. From late-night feedings and staying home when you got the chickenpox to using her vacation time to visit colleges with you and driving across town to bring you a spare key when you locked yourself out, she’s basically a 24/7 superhero. She doesn’t get to take sick days or paid vacations, so we’d say she deserves pretty much anything she wants on Mother’s Day!

She doesn’t get retirement. A mother’s job is never done. Even after her kids graduate high school, after they get their degrees and their first apartments, even when they’ve married and started families of their own. She’ll always be your mom, with all that it entails: worrying about you, checking in on you, making sure you’re eating enough, sending you birthday cards and generally just supporting you in any way she can. It’s a job she wouldn’t give up if she could, but that doesn’t mean we can’t lavish her with a little extra love and gratitude every Mother’s Day.

One word: childbirth. It’s easy to forget that we literally wouldn’t be here without our mothers. They endure nine months of swollen feet, backaches, morning sickness and inexplicable food cravings, not to mention the actual labor of giving birth, to bring us into the world. And what do they get in return? A tiny, screaming, red-faced little monster who won’t give her a full night’s sleep for the next six months. Luckily, we little monsters find ways of making it up to Mom — with incredible Mother’s Day gifts, for starters.

She spoils you. Let’s be honest, moms can’t help but spoil their kids. Think of all the birthday cakes she’s baked, the Christmas presents she’s wrapped, the back-to-school clothes and sports equipment she’s bought, all the flowers she brought to your dance recitals and the loads of laundry she’s done. Moms give so much, not just in terms of gifts, but also their time and energy and love. And if that’s not reason enough to spoil your mom on Mother’s Day, we don’t know what is.

Convinced that Mom deserves to be spoiled? Share this with her as a tribute!

Moms: what’s your favorite way to be pampered? Tell us about what you’d like for Mother’s Day in the comments below!

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