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The Gift Advisors @The Bradford Exchange are thrilled to help you discover a wealth of artistic treasures, all of which began with passion. Whether you are looking for that perfect personalized gift or a unique collection for yourself, we are driven to make your shopping experience as joyful as possible and hope you are surprised and delighted with what you find. Thank you for your continued support.

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Halloween 2020 – Will It Be a Trick or a Treat?

By On October 23, 2020

This year has been scary enough – do we even need Halloween? The answer is YES, more than ever! We need our holidays to help bring us unity during these trying times.… Read More


Top 5 Decorating Ideas for Your Halloween Home

By On October 16, 2020

Every year, usually when the first tinge of autumn whips through the air in mid-September, it happens again. You are slipping into your first sweatshirt of the season when you suddenly realize… Read More


Top 4 Personalized Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

By On October 9, 2020

Whether they are playfully poking at the bows of wrapped presents, chasing a strand of garland around the house or trying to sneak a Christmas cookie, our beloved canines are always trying… Read More


5 Easy Steps: Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like a Pro

By On October 2, 2020

When it comes to Christmas decorating, everyone has their own unique, sometimes very specific, process. That process has allowed them to experience season after season of festive enjoyment, wonder and joy. But… Read More