Motherhood: Then and Now

Motherhood Then and Now

“Just wait until you’re a parent — then you’ll understand.” We’ve all heard that line from our mother one time or another. My mother recited it every time we didn’t see eye to eye, like the time she grounded me for coming home late without calling…and when she refused to let me get tattoos at 15. I might not be a mom yet, but I certainly understand where she was coming from now!

Although there are many struggles and triumphs in motherhood that will never change, some aspects about being a mom today is much different than how it was “back in the day.” Scroll down to see a few of my observations, and share yours in the comments!

When the Baby’s Sleeping:


Then Now
Mom would come into the room to check in on you every so often. You can check in on the kids without even having to open the bedroom door by using a video baby monitor.


Fixing the After-School Snack:


Then Now
Celery, peanut butter and raisins — “Ants on a Log” was about as fancy as any mom I knew got with after-school snacks. The moment I heard my nephew listing what he wanted on his charcuterie plate, I knew the times had changed!


Meeting the Friends:


Then Now
Mom would learn about your friends from meeting them in person (and they’d be on their best behavior). You can see what your child’s friends are really like by how they act on social media. There’s usually always GOLD in the comment sections!


Checking In:


Then Now
You’d have to call Mom using a land line to tell her where you were and when you’d be home. Your kids can call, text, Snapchat, Tweet, Instant Message, drop a pin…


“You’re Grounded!” :


Then Now
If you did something extra bad, Mom would take away your TV and telephone privileges. With all of the technology available to kids nowadays, the punishment options are nearly endless! No TV, no Internet, no texting — “no fair, Mom!”


Hollywood Portrayals:


Then Now
Prim, proper and perfect like June Cleaver or Florence Henderson. Did your mother ever vacuum in pearls? Mine sure didn’t. Many sitcoms like “Modern Family” portray motherhood in a variety of ways, which a bit more accurate than the cookie cutter characters of yesteryear. Thank goodness!


Motherhood through the generations may be different in a lot of ways, but the love shared between a mother and her children will always be a bond like no other! Make sure to visit The Bradford Exchange Online to discover a unique selection of Mother’s Day gifts to find a treasure for all of the moms on your list…and even something special for yourself!

Thanks for reading and please share this post with the moms you know!

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