How to Gear Up for the NFL Season

how to gear up for the NFL season

Fellow football fans, the time has come. We are a few days away from Week 1 of the 2017 NFL season. Are you ready to cheer your team to victory? I know I am!

This is such an exciting time for players and fans alike, because at this very moment, every team has an equal shot at bringing home the ultimate victory — the Super Bowl LII title. Depending on the team you cheer for, there will be victories and losses in our future, but one thing is for certain: the true fans will sport their spirit through it all.

The Bradford Exchange Online offers a truly fan-tastic selection of NFL team collectibles, jewelry, apparel and more that celebrates your team pride in winning style. Everything you’ll discover is officially licensed by NFL Properties LLC and is officially awesome! Even though I’m a Chicago Bears fan through and through, I’ve selected my favorite NFL memorabilia for each team so you too can kick off the season right. Let’s get started!

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Arizona Cardinals

Top Team Pick: Every Day is a Touchdown with You Arizona Cardinals Figurine

Arizona Cardinals Precious Moments figurine of couple watching football game

Nothing is better than watching your favorite NFL team alongside your sweetie. This action-packed Precious Moments® figurine is a real winner in my book!

Shop all Arizona Cardinals memorabilia.

Atlanta Falcons

Top Team Pick: Atlanta Falcons Express Train Collection

Atlanta Falcons themed train

It would be easy to keep your team pride chuggin’ along with this HO-scale train collection. Plus, it includes a free track set and power pack — a $100 value!

Shop all Atlanta Falcons memorabilia.

Baltimore Ravens

Top Team Pick: Baltimore Ravens Forever Pendant Necklace

Baltimore Ravens women's necklace

If you’ll love your Ravens forever, let your team devotion truly shine with this pendant necklace, sparkling with 12 team-colored Swarovski® crystals. I think it’s the perfect combo of sporty and stylish!

Shop all Baltimore Ravens memorabilia.

Buffalo Bills

Top Team Pick: Buffalo Bills Ornament

Buffalo Bills baby in football helmet ornament

Sometimes, you’re a Buffalo Bills fan from birth. I certainly know my fair share of them! If you’ve met one of them as well, this ornament makes a fan-tastically festive way to trim the tree.

Shop all Buffalo Bills memorabilia.

Carolina Panthers

Top Team Pick: Carolina Panthers Legacy Bookends Collection

Carolina Panthers football player statue bookends

This first-ever Carolina Panthers bookend collection features 3 dramatic, fully sculpted scenes of players in action. I’d say it’s one for the books, that’s for sure!

Shop all Carolina Panthers memorabilia.

Chicago Bears

Top Team Pick: Chicago Bears Wine Glass Collection

CHicago bears themed wine glasses

Raise a glass to the Chicago Bears in unforgettable style with this Bears wine glass collection. When I’m not in the stands, I’m watching the game at home with one of these close at hand!

Shop all Chicago Bears memorabilia.

Cincinnati Bengals

Top Team Pick: Cincinnati Bengals Cuckoo Clock

Cincinnati Bengals themed cuckoo clock

NFL fans know that it’s always the right time to share your team pride. I love that the cuckoo bird that appears at the top of every hour sports a Bengals helmet!

Shop all Cincinnati Bengals memorabilia.

Cleveland Browns

Top Team Pick: For the Love of the Game Cleveland Browns Wallet

Cleveland Browns themed wallet

When you’re a Cleveland Browns fan, you can bank on an exciting game! This custom-designed faux leather wallet sports vibrant team colors and is a stylish choice for game day or any day.

Shop all Cleveland Browns memorabilia.

Dallas Cowboys

Top Team Pick: Dallas Cowboys Victory Lamp

Dallas Cowboys themed lamp

As much as I hate to admit it, the Dallas Cowboys have a history of winning that’s almost as big as Texas itself. This Cowboys lamp puts a spotlight on your team pride in a big way!

Shop all Dallas Cowboys memorabilia.

Denver Broncos

Top Team Pick: Heart of Denver Ring

Denver Bronco's Women's Ring

If you carry Broncos pride in your heart, I bet it’s easy to show it off on your finger! Two team-color crystal hearts and an engraving of “Go Broncos” on the inside of the band make this ring a real winner.

Shop all Denver Broncos memorabilia.

Detroit Lions

Top Team Pick: Detroit Lions Lamp

Detroit Lions Helmet Lamp

I’ve witnessed a Detroit Lions fan do a victory dance when they first saw this lamp, and they make sure to light it up every game day! This bold design definitely lets your pride shine whether it’s lit or unlit.

Shop all Detroit Lions memorabilia.

Green Bay Packers

Top Team Pick: Green Bay Packers Illuminated Stained Glass Wall Decor

Green Bay Packers Light Up Stained Glass Wall Decor

This illuminated stained-glass wall decor just begs to be in a man cave…or proudly displayed wherever the game is on in your home! It’s an impressively-sized display that combines traditional style with team spirit.

Shop all Green Bay Packers memorabilia.

Houston Texans

Top Team Pick: Steppin’ Out with Pride Texans Women’s Shoes


Houston Texas Women's ShoesIn fashion, like in football, it’s always good to put your best foot forward. Boasting the team name, colors and logos, these shoes share your spirit with every step. I love it!

Shop all Houston Texans memorabilia.

Indianapolis Colts

Top Team Pick: Go Colts! #1 Fan Necklace

Indianapolis Colts Women's Necklace

Looking for a team tribute that really stacks up? This necklace is a stylish way to keep your team pride close to your heart and sparkles with genuine Swarovski® crystals for extra game day dazzle.

Shop all Indianapolis Colts memorabilia.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Top Team Pick: Go Jaguars! #1 Fan Charm Bracelet

Jacksonville Jaguars Charm Bracelet

I’d say this bracelet is a truly charming tribute to your beloved Jacksonville Jaguars. 13 beautifully handcrafted charms stylishly showcase your pride, including a Jaguars jersey, helmet, football and more!

Shop all Jacksonville Jaguars memorabilia.

Kansas City Chiefs

Top Team Pick: Kansas City Chiefs Cruiser Sculpture

Kansas City Motorcycle Sculpture

I’ve seen many games where the Chiefs cruise to victory! This collectible custom chopper figurine is perfect for any hard-riding fan with its bold team colors and logos.

Shop all Kansas City Chiefs memorabilia.

Los Angeles Chargers

Top Team Pick: Chic City in Motion Handbag

Los Angeles Chargers Women's tote bag

I’ve seen many Chargers fans carry their pride in sporty style with this custom-designed handbag, sporting glittering team colors stripes on the center panel. Fashionable, functional and fan-tastic!

Shop all Los Angeles Chargers memorabilia.

Los Angeles Rams

Top Team Pick: My Rams Women’s Watch

Los Angeles Rams Women's Watch

Sporting the official team logos and colors of your beloved NFL team, this custom-crafted watch celebrates the Los Angeles Rams in style every second! Team-color crystals add a dazzling touch that’s sure to turn heads. It certainly caught my eye!

Shop all Los Angeles Rams memorabilia.

Miami Dolphins

Top Team Pick: Miami Dolphins Men’s Bracelet

Miami Dolphins Men's Bracelet

Classic. Bold. Unforgettable. Just like your Miami Dolphins! This gleaming stainless steel two-tone men’s bracelet adds a distinctive touch of team pride to any ensemble.

Shop all Miami Dolphins memorabilia.

Minnesota Vikings

Top Team Pick: I Love the Vikings Women’s Shoes

Minnesota Vikings Women's Shoes

I think any fan would really be able to step up their fan fashion game in these canvas sneakers. They proudly sport the team name, colors and logos of the Vikings, and don’t miss the metallic Minnesota Vikings logo charm that dangles from the laces!

Shop all Minnesota Vikings memorabilia.

New England Patriots

Top Team Pick: Patriots Super Bowl LI Championship Football Sculpture

New England Patriots Levitating Football

There’s no better way to gear up for another big win than to celebrate your last one! This sculpture features a silver-plated levitating football that hovers and spins in mid air to create a tribute worthy of a victory dance.

Shop all New England Patriots memorabilia.

New Orleans Saints

Top Team Pick: Get in the Game Saints Personalized Pendant Necklace

New Orleans Saints Women's Pendent Necklace

I know firsthand that when it comes to cheering for your NFL team, things can get personal! This sparkling Saints necklace not only boasts over 60 Swarovski® crystals, but it is personalized with your name on the back of the jersey pendant for a truly winning touch.

Shop all New Orleans Saints memorabilia.

New York Giants

Top Team Pick: New York Giants Personalized Welcome Sign

New York Giants Welcome Sign

I’d definitely know where your loyalties lie with this Giants personalized welcome sign, and your guests surely will too. Your family name is enhanced with Big Blue flair, from the iconic Giants logo to the Giants helmets and more!

Shop all New York Giants memorabilia.

New York Jets

Top Team Pick: New York Jets Tote Bag

New York Jets Tote Bag

The team colors, the Jets logo, the soft quilted fabric — it’s easy to see why this bag is tote-ally awesome. Plus, you’re sure to love the 2 FREE matching cosmetic cases!

Shop all New York Jets memorabilia.

Oakland Raiders

Top Team Pick: Oakland Raiders FootBells Ornament Collection

Oakland Raiders Tree Ornaments

Ring in every Christmas with your Oakland Raiders pride! Hand-painted with team colors of silver and black, and showcasing game day images of top Raiders players, team logos and more, I’d say this is the perfect way to add a dash of team spirit to your Christmas spirit.

Shop all Oakland Raiders memorabilia.

Philadelphia Eagles

Top Team Pick: For the Love of the Game Philadelphia Eagles Tote Bag

Philadelphia Eagles Women's tote bag

I bet you could really let Eagles spirit soar with this fan-tastically fashionable Philadelphia Eagles handbag. You’ll find team colors and logos throughout the unique patchwork design, making it truly game day ready.

Shop all Philadelhpia Eagles memorabilia.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Top Team Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers Decanter Set

Pittsburgh Steelers Decanter Set

I think this would be the ultimate way to raise a toast to every Steelers victory. And with 4 Steelers glasses plus a decanter, I’m sure a few of your fellow fans would think so, too!

Shop all Pittsburgh Steelers memorabilia.

San Francisco 49ers

Top Team Pick: San Francisco 49ers Collector’s Stein

San Francisco 49ers Stein

Trust me, 49ers fans, you’ve struck gold with this collectible stein! The team name and logo on a golden seal, the golden helmet topper, golden “laces” on the “pigskin” handle — it’s truly a gleaming tribute to your team.

Shop all San Francisco 49ers memorabilia.

Seattle Seahawks

Top Team Pick: Pride of Seattle Ring

Seattle Seahawks Women's Ring

I call this look “subtle Seahawks.” It adds a delicate touch of pride to any ensemble, game day and every day. I’ve seen many fans swoop in to nab this beauty!

Shop all Seattle Seahawks memorabilia.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Top Team Pick: For the Love of the Game Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Women's Necklace

I bet a Buccaneers fan is sure to treasure this necklace as much as they treasure their beloved team! The team logo is encircled by over 30 genuine Swarovski® crystals to really let your team pride shine.

Shop all Tampa Bay Buccaneers memorabilia.

Tennessee Titans

Top Team Pick: Tennessee Titans Christmas Village Collection

Tennessee Titans Christmas Village Collection

Welcome to Titans town! Every inch of this illuminated village collection shares festive team spirit, from the team-colored awnings to the banners hanging from the stadium and more. I especially love that Santa is even sporting his Titans pride!

Shop all Tennessee Titans memorabilia.

Washington Redskins

Top Team Pick: Washington Redskins Wallet

Washington Redskins Wallet

Every game day, the Redskins seem to have a surprising play in their back pocket. Now, you can have your Redskins pride in yours with this men’s wallet! Embossed with the Redskins helmet across the front, this wallet features RFID blocking technology to help prevent electronic theft of your credit and debit cards. Score!

Shop all Washington Redskins memorabilia.

That’s my list! I’d love to know if you liked my pick for your favorite team. What was it? How do you show your game day team spirit? Connect with me in the comments!

And, if something from another team caught your eye, there’s a good chance we’ll have a version that honors your favorite NFL team, so don’t wait to discover all of the NFL team memorabilia available at The Bradford Exchange Online.

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