Seeing Red: The Bradford Exchange Celebrates American Heart Month

February has given us plenty of reasons to celebrate the people closest to our hearts. Between Valentine’s Day, Send a Friend a Card Day and Make a Friend Day, we’ve thought a lot about love and friendship. And that’s wonderful! Relationships are so important to our happiness and well-being, which is why it makes perfect sense to me that we celebrate the people we love during the same month that we celebrate American Heart Month.

Of course, raising heart health awareness is something we should think about all year long, but February is an especially good time to reach out to our friends, families, coworkers and neighbors – anyone whose health and happiness matters to you (in my case, that includes you, my valued readers!). Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States, but the good news is, it’s also preventable. That’s why it’s so important to raise awareness about the causes, effects and prevention of heart disease – so we can all take steps toward healthier hearts together!

One easy way to participate in American Heart Month also happens to be one of my favorite activities: shopping! We are proud to offer a variety of heart health awareness collectibles that are as meaningful as they are beautiful. For every one of these items you purchase, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to WomenHeart, a leading advocate in heart disease prevention education. So you’ll be supporting heart health and getting a gorgeous work of art that will remind you, or a loved one, about the importance of taking good care of one’s heart.

If you want to learn more about heart health and find helpful tips for heart disease prevention at any age, the American Heart Association has some great resources on their website. Meanwhile, I’d like to hear from you. Starting healthy habits is easier with motivation and support from the people you love. So who inspires you to take better care of your heart? Is it the granddaughter you want to see grow up, the grandson you want to be able to keep up with, the daughter who looks to you for an example or the husband who’d be lost without you? Share with me in the comments!

Seeing Red: The Bradford Exchange Celebrates American Heart Month by


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