Zippo® Lighters to Ignite Your Imagination

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Lighters. A simple device that lets you make fire with a single flick of a finger. If you aren’t a smoker, candle person, or concert goer, you might think your need for a lighter is limited. If that’s the case, my bet is that you haven’t seen the collectible lighters available from The Bradford Exchange!

All of the collectible lighters we offer are genuine Zippo® windproof lighters, which provide perfect canvases for vivid imagery that reflects your interests and passions. Not only are they emblazoned with unforgettable artwork, they are:

  • Officially licensed and guaranteed by Zippo® for life
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Distinctive bottom stamps authenticate them as genuine Zippo® windproof lighters
  • Arrive in a Zippo®-branded individual gift box
  • Each collection includes a custom display for the perfect presentation — some even illuminate to highlight each treasure!

Zippo® windproof lighters are regarded as highly-collectible treasures, and the ones we offer are sure to turn heads whether you use them in public or display them with pride in your home. Scroll down to see the 5 Zippo® windproof lighter collections that caught my eye and share your favorites in the comments!

1. Semper Fidelis Zippo® Lighter Collection

Honor. Courage. Commitment. These noble qualities and more make up what it is to be a Marine, and these USMC lighters highlight them in style, combined with the patriotic artwork of acclaimed artist Jim Griffin.Edition limited to 8,000 complete collections!

Semper Fidelis Zippo® Lighter Collection

2. Jack Daniel’s Zippo® Lighter Collection

Each Zippo® windproof lighter in this collection is a stunning salute to Jack Daniel’s in black and silver, with a splash of amber here and there for good measure. 7 lighters in honor of Old No. 7! Edition limited to only 7,000 complete collections!

Jack Daniel's Zippo® Lighter Collection

3. A Century of American Thunder Zippo® Lighter Collection

Two American icons — Harley-Davidson® and Zippo®! 10 Zippo® windproof lighters honor 110 years of Harley-Davidson® innovation in this collection, sure to get motors running. Edition limited to 10,000 complete collections!

A Century of American Thunder Zippo® Lighter Collection

4. Al Agnew Tribal Lights Zippo® Lighter Collection

I’ve always loved the wolf artwork of acclaimed artist Al Agnew, so there’s no doubt these Zippo® windproof lighters spark my interest. Plus, the sculpted tomahawk with real feathers in the display case is really wild! Edition limited to 8,000 complete collections!

Al Agnew Tribal Lights Zippo® Lighter Collection

5. New York Yankees™ Zippo® Lighter Collection

Now this is a starting lineup I can get behind: 9 Zippo® windproof lighters honoring the New York Yankees™ in a custom display case shaped like home plate. It’s a real winner! Edition limited to 9,000 complete collections!

New York Yankees</i>™ Zippo® Lighter Collection

That’s it for my top 5, but make sure to visit The Bradford Exchange Online to find the collectible Zippo® windproof lighters that ignite your imagination. Did a collection from my list catch your eye? Let me know in the comments!

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