What’s This? What’s This? 13 Ways to Bring Halloween Town Home

With its unusual story and exceptional heart, there’s so much to love about Disney Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” that it’s no wonder this stop-motion masterpiece continues to captivate audiences both young and old. The music, the romance, the adventure!

Tim Burton celebrates his 60th birthday this month, and this classic film turns 25, so I thought this would be the perfect time to share 13 of my favorite Halloween Town treasures from The Bradford Exchange.

If your dream is to call Halloween Town “home”…

1. This cuckoo clock not only features fully-sculpted characters, it also plays music and lights up as Zero pops in and out of the doors on the hour.

2. Twelve different Halloween Town character figurines are highlighted in this perpetual calendar to make every day feel like Halloween.

3. Imagine this spook-tacular glitter globe train making a stop in your town, as it plays music from the soundtrack and bats and confetti swirl around Jack, Sally, The Mayor and more.

4. Round and round this carousel goes, to highlight over 20 characters having the ride of their life…or death?

The Nightmare Before Christmas Carousel

5. A full-color portrait of a beloved character is showcased on each collectible proof in this collection to create a gleam that’s a scream!

The Nightmare Before Christmas Proof Collection

6. As Jack and Sally share a tender moment inside this glitter globe, The Mayor, Oogie Boogie, Lock, Shock and Barrel and more characters rotate around the base as “Overture” plays.

7. Halloween Town buildings and characters make this tabletop tree thrilling from every angle — and you can put it up at Halloween and keep it up through Christmas!

If the undying love of Jack and Sally bewitches you…

8. Bathed in blue moonlight, (thanks to the included blue standard lightbulb), Jack and Sally strike a hauntingly beautiful pose in this lamp.

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Moonlight Lamp

9. The “Simply Meant to Be” Figurine captures the magic of eternal love, and lights up and plays music for added romance.

If you’re frighteningly fashionable…

10. Featuring portraits of Jack Skellington, Sally and more against polyester twill in midnight black, this tote bag is large enough to hold a laptop, making it a nightmare come true!

11. These women’s shoes celebrate the film with every step, and the sculpted metallic lace charm of Jack’s head adds a delightful touch.

12. Keep Jack and Sally’s love close to your heart with this pendant necklace, featuring a portrait of them inside a faceted crystal heart and a bail sparkling with genuine red Swarovski® crystals.

13. With dozens of simulated diamonds surrounding an iconic image of Jack and Sally atop Spiral Hill, the “Magic at Midnight” Ring is drop-dead gorgeous!

That’s my list! Make sure to visit our site to see all of the ways you can celebrate this amazing story. What was your favorite item from this list? Who is your favorite character? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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  • So many people focus their Halloween decorations on things outside the house, but I think decorating inside as the holiday approaches can be a lot of fun too. Thanks for sharing!

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