How to Add a Dash of Disney to Your Halloween

October is upon us. That means crisp autumn air, changing leaves and of course one of my favorite days of the year: Halloween! It’s a month filled with eerie excitement around every corner, and I love every minute of it.

There are plenty of ways to celebrate the Halloween season, but I like to incorporate a healthy mix of spooky and sweet into every day. The perfect way to do that in my opinion is with the Disney Halloween treasures I’ve found at The Bradford Exchange. Halloween and Disney — what could be a more enchanting combination?

Scroll down to see how you can add a dash of Disney to your Halloween:

Something Spooky to Wear

If you love Disney Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” as much as I do, you’re sure to appreciate how these 3 wonderfully wearable tributes could add a thrilling touch to any ensemble.

1. Jack & Sally Women’s Shoes
What a unique way to celebrate a love that will last for eternity! Look close and you’ll see a circular charm that hangs from the laces, featuring Jack Skellington on Spiral Hill. Style with every step!.

Jack & Sally Women's Shoes

2. Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Tote Bag

This thrilling tote bag features a take-anywhere style that’s simply to die for. It’s large enough to fit a laptop and highlights all of my favorites from the film: Oogie Boogie, Zero, Lock, Shock, Barrel and of course, Jack Skellington and Sally!

Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Tote Bag

3. Magic at Midnight Ring

As a hopeless romantic, I always like to keep a reminder of true love close at hand. This stunning ring sends my heart aflutter with its hauntingly boo-tiful purple and green Diamonesk® simulated diamonds and portrait of Jack and Sally on Spiral Hill. Be still, my heart!

Magic At Midnight Ring

Something Thrilling to Scare

Now, let’s focus on the freakier side of the season. These 3 picks are sure to leave a haunting effect in your home, wherever you choose to display them.

1. “Jack-in-the-Box” Jack Figurine

Jack-in-the-boxes always freaked me out as a kidéand even as an adult they put me a bit on edge. Reminiscent of the terrifying gifts Jack left those poor children on Christmas morning, this handcrafted collectible figurine is a real scream!

Jack Figurine

2. Disney Timeless Treachery Cuckoo Clock

Sometimes, it’s good to be bad. This thrilling timepiece puts classic Disney villains like Scar, Jafar, Ursula and more in the spotlight to create a statement that’s so striking, it’s scary!


3. Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkin King Sculpture Collection

This sculpture collection is sure to bring the thrills and chills of Halloween Town to your home. It sure did for mine! Plus, the grandly sized, wickedly grinning centerpiece of this creepy collection illuminates with changing colors of purple, green and orange for a truly eerie effect.

Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkin King Sculpture Collection

Something Sweet to Share

I usually like to pick out something special every year to give the fellow Halloween lovers in my life. Giving one of these 3 treasures would certainly be a real treat!

1. Disney’s Enchanted Pumpkin Castle Sculpture

I’d sure love to attend the Halloween party that appears to be going on in this sculpture! Dressed in heartwarming Halloween costumes, 12 favorite Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh and more share the fun of the season in sweet style.

2. Disney Spooktacular Halloween Cuckoo Clock

How fun it would be to celebrate Halloween every minute with the 9 Disney characters featured in this cuckoo clock. I love how the mansion’s lights flicker and spooky music plays on the hour.

3. Disney The Nightmare Before Christmas Glitter Globe

With glitter and bats gently swirling around Jack and Sally, this glitter globe would be a perfect Halloween gift to share with your sweetie or someone you know who loves this film. Like me! (Hint, hint.)

Disney The Nightmare Before Christmas Glitter Globe

I hope you found this list of Disney Halloween collectibles, apparel and more as enchanting as I find them to be! What was your favorite from this list? Do you prefer spooky or sweet celebrations of Halloween? I’d love to hear from you in the comments. And, remember to visit The Bradford Exchange to see our entire lineup of Halloween decor and gifts to make the season extra special.

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