Freaky Halloween Decor That’s a Real Scream

There’s a certain feeling in the air that I just can’t seem to shake…could it be that Halloween is creeping closer? Why, it must be so!

It’s that time of year where witches fly, werewolves bay at the moon and the paranormal comes out to play. If you love this season as much as I do, make sure to check out the spook-tacular selection of Halloween home decor, gifts and more from The Bradford Exchange. It’s sure to send a tingle down your spine!

Today, I’d like to focus on the haunting, macabre and wickedly wonderful decor items that have caught my eye this year. Would you dare display one of these in your home? Let me know in the comments!

Scroll down to see my favorite freaky finds:

The Munsters Cuckoo Clock

I thought we’d ease into this list by showing you the least-scariest one of the bunch — a tribute to the misfit monsters that live on 1313 Mockingbird Lane. Herman, Lily, Grandpa, Marilyn and Eddie are perfectly posed front and center, and the theme song and lights flicker at the top of each hour!

The Munsters Cuckoo Clock

Haunted Pumpkin Sculpture Collection

This isn’t your ordinary pumpkin patch. One side looks like an innocent harvest pumpkin, while the other side features ghouls, gremlins and more that are as frightening as they are festive for Halloween. A good reminder that evil can lurk around every corneré.

Haunted Pumpkin Sculpture Collection

Love Without End Music Box

True love never dies. A sentiment this Vampire Queen knows all too well, posed atop her ornate crypt. “Claire de Lune” never gave me the chills until I heard it play from this macabre music box!

Love Without End Music Box

Dead of Night Lamp

Speaking of the undead, the sculpted base of this lamp by award-winning sculptor, illustrator and FX artist J. Anthony Kosar features zombies rising from their graves, hand-painted in un-living color. I love how the silhouetted tree branches on the lamp shade add even more eerie ambiance.

Dead Of Night Lamp

America’s Most Haunted Village Collection

I don’t think I’d be brave enough to display this in my home, but I have a few friends who would be! Capturing some of the most historically haunted places in America like Amityville House, Franklin Castle and more, this village collection is a nightmare come true for those who delight in the darker side of things.

America's Most Haunted Village Collection

Lurking in the Shadows Sculpture

Three spirits cast haunting shadows upon your wall, as a witch and her curious cat brew a glow-in-the-dark bubbling potion in this spooky sculpture. Inspired by the captivating visions of famed artist Dona Gelsinger, I find this Halloween treasure to be simply bewitching!

Lurking In The Shadows Sculpture

Rising Dead Zombie Hearse Sculpture

If this list hasn’t given you some hair-raising reactions yet, this sculpture by acclaimed artist Dave Aikins might just do the trick. From the blood-splattered bumper, wheels and windshield to the severed head “hood ornament,” it’s just dripping with dark details from every angle.

Rising Dead Zombie Hearse Sculpture

That’s my list, but remember to visit The Bradford Exchange Online to see our entire lineup of Halloween decor and gifts that’s sure to make this Halloween simply to die for. Did something from this list catch your eye? What made your skin crawl? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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