Top 10 Christmas Decorating Tips

Keep it simple – choose a theme

Decorating can be an overwhelming prospect. Choosing a theme can make the process much simpler, and it’s a wonderful way to express your own unique style. Love Elvis? Create a rock and roll theme with multi-colored lights, a rockin’ soundtrack, and plenty of “platinum” accents like tinsel. Another way to tie your Christmas decorations together is to pick a color scheme. Go traditional with reds and green, pair a neutral basic like ivory or soft gray with a metallic shade like gold or silver, or do something unexpected with a cheery color palette of rosy pinks and sage green. No matter what you decide, the key is to pick a theme and stick with it.

Remember all five senses

Choosing decorations that are pleasing to the eye is obviously important, but adding elements to delight the other senses will only enrich your holiday home. To create a rich experience for guests, family or even for yourself, consider playing festive music, lighting a fresh pine-scented candle, keeping cozy blankets and soft pillows on hand, and making fresh baked cookies and hot cocoa.

Invest in a collection

The holidays are all about traditions. Those annual trips to the Christmas tree farm, cookie decorating parties, and ornament exchanges – this is the stuff of cherished holiday memories. A collection is a wonderful way to create a focal point for holiday traditions. Whether it’s an heirloom Christmas ornament collection that you can pass down through generations, or a holiday village or Nativity collection that grows more elaborate over the years, investing in a collection gives you and your loved ones something special to share in and enjoy together each year.

Make the holidays glow

A holiday home should be, above all, warm and inviting.  And what could be more welcoming than the soft flicker of candlelight? Line your sidewalk or entryway with paper lanterns – make your own by filling brown paper bags with some sand and placing a flameless tea light inside. Flameless candles are a worry-free, long-lasting alternative to real candles that look just as luminous. Arrange a grouping of them on a mantle or windowsill for quick and easy holiday style, or consider the illuminating effect of a Christmas candle centerpiece on your dining room table.

Add special touches to smaller spaces

Think beyond the family room and spread holiday cheer throughout your entire home. Even small touches placed in smaller spaces like kitchens and bathrooms can make the whole place feel brighter and warmer. Place festive hand towels and scented soap in the bathroom. Fill a basket or glass vase with ornaments, oranges and pinecones to display on your kitchen table. Turn a coffee table into a holiday gift by crisscrossing ribbons over the top and sides. Hang small indoor wreaths on closet doors.

Make it personal

You want your home to reflect your family’s unique qualities, so why shouldn’t your holiday decor do the same? Adding a customized holiday accent is a perfect way to bring a personal touch to your celebrations. Personalized ornaments are a great example, and they come in a wide variety of styles and themes to express a range of different interests and personal values. Ornaments also make wonderful gifts for loved ones, and they’re a wonderful way to mark milestones, like Baby’s First Christmas as well.

Get creative with wrapping

Reuse paper that you already have – interesting papers, shopping bags, magazines and newspapers – to wrap presents. It’s not only economical, but environmentally friendly and a creative alternative to traditional gift-wrap. If you’re feeling artistic, you can embellish the paper with metallic markers, colored pens or glitter. Finish with a fancy ribbon and homemade gift tag to make an elegant, thoughtful impression.

Create a bright focal point for your dining table

If you’re going to splurge on one holiday decoration, a beautifully made heirloom-quality table centerpiece is definitely worth the investment. The right centerpiece can create an atmosphere of elegance for all your seasonal dining events, from holiday dinner parties and brunches to formal Christmas dinners. Moreover, it will create a stunning focal point that you and your guests can enjoy year after year.

Keep spirits bright with winter blooms

Aromatic evergreens are quintessential to Christmas decorating, but don’t let your creativity stop there. Winter blooms like bright white tulips, Star of Bethlehem and lush red roses will add a fresh pop of color to a classic Christmas color scheme, while eucalyptus puts a fragrant spin on holiday greenery. Add some sprigs of silver brunia or winterberry holly, and you have all the makings of a beautiful winter bouquet. If you’re like me and lack a green thumb, silken flowers can be an ideal solution. When well-made, like the hand-formed blooms in our Always in Bloom flower arrangements, soft fabric flowers are not only beautiful, but they will always look fresh-cut.

All that sparkles…

From the twinkle of holiday lights to the glimmer of gold-glittered ribbons to the shimmer of fine crystal, now is the time to embrace all that sparkles. Tuck shiny ornaments into your tree to reflect the lights. Accent a crystal vase with flameless pillar candles. Paint the tips of a pinecone snowy white, then sprinkle them with gold and silver glitter. Decorate a gingerbread house with metallic frosting and sprinkles. If it sparkles, it’s perfect!

Do you have a holiday decorating tip to share? Add it in the comments! Looking for more decorating ideas? Check out the Christmas decor available on our site. As always, I hope you enjoyed this post and I look forward to hearing from you. Happy decorating!


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