Top Jewelry Gifts for Leos: Peridot and Onyx

Jewelry for Leo

For many people around the world, the zodiac sign under which they are born holds much significance. It is widely believed that these celestial symbols not only shape our personalities but also offer insights into our relationships, careers, and life paths.

From the fiery determination of Aries to the intuitive depth of Pisces, each astrological sign also possesses a unique energy that resonates with specific gems, unlocking a world of symbolism and spiritual significance.

In today’s blog, we are shining a spotlight on Leos, those born between July 23 and August 22nd. We will dive into how certain precious gems intertwine with the lion-hearted essence of Leos, enhancing their natural radiance and strength.

An important thing to note: each astrological sign spans across two months. Leos encompass both July and August. But since most of the time frame occurs within the month of August, Leos are typically linked with August’s birthstone: peridot.

While peridot might be the main stone associated with Leos, it’s not the only one. There are other colorful gems many believe perfectly align with Leo’s fiery spirit and regal demeanor. One of the more commonly associated gems is onyx. And in today’s blog post, we’ll spotlight both in the Top Jewelry Gifts for Leos: Peridot and Onyx.

Exited to explore these fabulous gems? We are too and we’re also eager to offer some divine jewelry suggestions from The Gift Advisors at The Bradford Exchange. But before we get into our list, let us share a brief explanation of the Leo zodiac sign and look at the ways it connects to these two stones.

The Leo Zodiac Sign Explained

Leo is the 5th astrological sign in the zodiac calendar. Its representation as a lion is usually linked with the Nemean lion slain by Heracles (Hercules) as a part of the 12 Labours he was forced to do as penance for killing his wife and children. It’s for this reason you may hear Leos referred to as the “kings and queens of the celestial jungle.”

Leo is a fire sign ruled by the sun, the greatest force of vitality, power and creativity in our solar system. Do you know a Leo who likes to shine bright and be the center of attention? Many who follow astrology may attribute this tendency to the fact that the sun is the most brilliant and radiant force we can see, hence why this sense of pride runs through Leos’ souls.

So, what implications can we draw from this? Of course, human beings are complex. They possess intricate layers influenced by various aspects of our experiences and genetic composition, shaping our distinct qualities. However, here are a few of the common personality traits and attributes often linked with individuals born under the sign of Leo:

– Loyal

– Courageous

– Exuberant

– Adventurous

– Theatrical

– Big-hearted

– Kind

– Honest

– Attention-seeking

– Passionate

– Intuitive

– Jovial If you are a Leo, or know one well, does this sound familiar? It’s important to remember that astrological signs and the zodiac, while highly valued by many, are not an exact science. But they are certainly entertaining to learn about. Don’t you think? Now let’s get into some interesting facts about the two Leo stones: peridot and onyx.

The Significance of Peridot for Leos

Now that we know Leos have been assigned the peridot as their birthstone, you might wonder what other ways the zodiac sign connects with the gem. Let’s look at some of the parallels.

Aesthetic Appeal – peridot is the name of gem-quality olivine which is a silicate mineral found in both meteorites from outer space and within the earth’s crust. Pretty out of this world, right? The stone tends to possess a greenish-yellow color with an emerald-like luster. Since it is commonly thought that Leos love to shine and may often enjoy being the center of everything, peridot is the perfect gem for them with its eye-catching color and ability to draw attention.

Origin – when the silicate material olivine experiences high pressure during tectonic activity like mountain building or volcanism, it transforms into the greenish-yellow peridotite (olivine with other minerals). Fun fact: peridot is also formed on both Mars and the Moon in much the same process. On Mars, an outcropping of peridot stones is believed to have been formed around 3.6 billion years ago when an asteroid collided with the red planet to create this green stone.

Symbolism – Leos are known for their confidence, charisma and determination. Peridots are thought to enhance these qualities, acting as catalysts that empower them to express themselves with flair and authenticity. As a fire sign, Leos possess a vibrant and passionate energy, and peridots can serve as sparks that ignite their creative fire.

Now that we can clearly see how peridots and Leos connect, let’s have a look at some top jewelry gift recommendations, all of which include a custom presentation box and/or velvet jewelry pouch.

Garden Opulence Pendant Necklace

Garden Opulence Pendant Necklace

Featuring a 1.2-carat marquise-cut green peridot surrounded by 25 genuine white topaz stones! Recalling the serenity of strolling through lush green landscapes, this solid sterling silver necklace keeps the alluring appeal of nature close to the heart. Simple yet stunning, it’s sure to make a sophisticated addition to any wardrobe.

Majestic Beauty Ring

Majestic Beauty Ring

Featuring over 40 DiamoneskĀ® simulated gemstones! Inspired by the work of internationally renowned costume and fashion designer Bob Mackie, this solid sterling silver ring sparkles with a pear-cut simulated London blue topaz surrounded by miniature versions of the center stone with the greens and blues of simulated peridot and simulated tanzanite accents. It’s a design worthy of the red carpet!

Colors Of Beauty Bracelet

Colors Of Beauty Bracelet

Featuring over 5 carats of genuine gemstones! Lush green peridot joins a tantalizing lineup of colorful gemstones in this high fashion upgrade from the classic tennis bracelet. You’ll discover golden yellow citrines, sky blue topaz, regal red garnets and deep purple amethyst. The bracelet’s innovative, round bead closure allows you to adjust the bracelet’s size by sliding up and down the rounded link chain.

Looking for more peridot jewelry?

The Significance of Onyx for Leos

Now that we’ve discussed how peridot connects to Leos, let’s take a look at their companion stone, onyx, and how it might align with this zodiac sign.

Aesthetic Appeal – onyx, a comparatively rare natural stone, is characterized by its distinctive striped appearance, featuring alternating bands of white and black. Derived from the Greek word “onux,” translating to “nail” or “claw,” the name alludes to the mineral’s coloration. With its glossy exterior and aesthetically pleasing versatility, it’s a great option for Leos, thought to increase positive energy and boost courage.

Material Qualities – while many gems are formed deep within the earth’s crusts, onyx forms from groundwater or spring water with an abundance of calcite dissolved in it. Over time, water flows by and more minerals settle out causing variations between the layers. Slabs of onyx are made by slicing down into layers and revealing the deposits. Onyx can also form inside caves or other openings in the bedrock.

Meaning – believed to dispel stress and anxiety while promoting protection and inner strength, onyx is a natural fit for Leos as it bodes with their inclination to be courageous adventure-seekers. It is said to teach the wearer to rely on their own powers when it is crafted into various jewelry designs.

Now let’s have a look at a few of our top onyx jewelry selections. Each one makes a wonderful gift for someone who is a Leo and each jewelry piece includes a custom presentation box and/or velvet jewelry pouch.

Diamond & Black Onyx Man of Distinction Personalized Ring

Diamond & Black Onyx Man of Distinction Personalized Ring

Featuring genuine black onyx engraved with the 18K gold-plated initial of your choice! The perfect canvas for the initials of a Leo man, this solid sterling silver ring also features 2 genuine diamonds, classic rope detailing and 18K gold-plated trim to complete the impressive styling. It’s a proud symbol of individual self-expression!

Solid Sterling Silver And 18K Gold-Plated Semper Fi Ring

Solid Sterling Silver And 18K Gold-Plated Semper Fi Ring

Featuring a black onyx stone with a raised-relief USMC emblem! Are you a Marine or Marine supporter? This ring, only available in a limited edition of 5,000, is a valiant salute to the Marines with the eagle, globe and anchor emblem taking center stage and “Honor Courage Commitment” and the Marine Corps motto “Semper Fi” engraved inside the band. With its black onyx center, it’s a great pick for Leos too!

Code of the Duke Bracelet

Code of the Duke Bracelet

Featuring a black onyx cabochon! It’s hard to resist that rugged, iconic John Wayne style, especially in this officially licensed genuine leather bracelet accented with ion plating in 24 gold. The black onyx cabochon stars in the center supported by tooled leather-inspired texture with milgrain and black enamel accents, while 2 genuine white sapphires set in the center of two additional stars add bold finishing touches.

God Is My Strength Diamond Pendant Necklace

God Is My Strength Diamond Pendant Necklace

Featuring a half-domed black onyx cross! The power of faith inspires this handsome stainless steel cross necklace ion-plated in 24K gold. A genuine diamond sparkles at the center with the radiance of God’s love. Etched on the reverse side is the faithful promise “With God All things are Possible”. A heavenly tribute for the religious Leo.

Sacred Stone Pendant Necklace

Sacred Stone Pendant Necklace

Featuring a genuine turquoise cabochon, genuine red jasper and black onyx accent! Turquoise, a revered gem, is often regarded as a spiritual emblem representing honor and friendship, believed to have descended from the celestial realm. Jasper, on the other hand, is reputed to enhance one’s connection to the earthly realm, while black onyx is attributed with tranquil properties that dispel negativity. Now, the convergence of these three distinctive gemstones offers a harmonious blend in this necklace!

Looking for more onyx jewelry?

We hope you enjoyed our jewelry recommendations for Leos, and the intriguing associations the zodiac sign shares with peridot and onyx! Don’t forget, The Bradford Exchange offers an impressive array of exquisite fine jewelry for you to explore, so make sure to peruse all the dazzling treasures during your visit. And you’ll also find articles that cover many gift recommendations for various zodiac signs like 6 Top Jewelry Gifts for Tauruses, 8 Top Diamond Jewelry Gifts for Aries and more. We’re eager to hear your thoughts on today’s post as well.

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