8 Top Diamond Jewelry Gifts for Aries

There is no denying it, we live in a world where the signs of the zodiac are everywhere you look. In fact, when is the last time someone asked you “what’s your sign?” If it’s been a while, today’s post will certainly remedy that. Especially if your answer to that question is, “I’m an Aries.”

If you were born between March 21 and April 19, you’re an Aries. Even if you’re not one yourself, maybe you have a special Aries in your life, in which case you might want to keep reading.

Why’s that, you ask? Well, as you might know, every month – this is somewhat loose since the dates don’t line up exactly with our months – has its own astrological sign. And each of those astrological signs has been assigned its own birthstone.

In the case of Aries, those born under its sign are graced with the gift of the diamond, a sparkling gem of strength, purity and energy. Which leads us to today’s topic: 8 Top Diamond Jewelry Gifts for Aries.

Before we get into suggestions from The Gift Advisors at The Bradford Exchange, we thought it would be helpful to provide a little context on Aries and their connection to diamonds.

The Aries Zodiac Sign Explained

Aries is the 1st astrological sign in the zodiac and is represented by a symbol of a ram. If you are familiar with the ways of this domestic animal, what do you think that means for the personality of Aries? We will get into that momentarily.

Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars, a red planet named after the Roman god of war, and one that appropriately shares the color of its surface with the zodiac sign. Aries sometimes gravitate to the color red for this reason.

So, what does all this mean for the people born under this astrological sign? Well, humans are incredibly nuanced, obviously, and there are certainly parts of our experience and internal makeup that define our temperaments and unique qualities. But here are some of the typical personality traits and characteristics associated with Aries:

– Confident

– Stubborn

– Brave

– Impulsive

– Enthusiastic

– Independent

– Courageous

– Honest

– Competitive

– Passionate

– Determined

– Outgoing

If you are an Aries, or know one intimately, do any of these sound familiar? It’s important to remember that astrological signs and the zodiac, while highly valued by many, are not an exact science. But they are certainly entertaining to learn about. Don’t you think?

The Qualities of the Diamond

Now let’s take a look at some facts about the Aries birthstone: the diamond.

Natural diamonds are made from carbon which is transformed through a process of heat and pressure over time. While there are many regional locations around the world where diamonds are formed, the place where the magic actually happens is deep beneath our feet, in the earth’s mantle – between 410 miles to 1,800 miles below the surface. Beneath the mantle exists the earth’s extremely hot core, fostering the temperatures necessary for the creation of diamonds.

Diamonds are incredibly hard. In fact, they are at the very top of the Mohs Hardness Scale, registering a solid 10. Is that stronger than steel? Not quite. There are certainly several minerals that are stronger. But diamonds are still at the top of the scale and the most durable when it comes to precious gems. This strength of substance, along with their rarity, is what makes diamonds ripe for jewelry designs and certainly most coveted.

If you’ve had the fortune to look at a genuine diamond up close, one of the first things you might notice is its brilliant, white sparkle. This is due to the unique way that diamonds respond to light. In fact, there are 3 specific ways that they do this:

1. Brilliance – the white light reflected off the surface

2. Dispersion – the rainbow of colors from light’s refraction

3. Scintillation – a sparkle relegated to just the surface

The Power of Diamonds for Aries

Besides the fact that Aries have been assigned the diamond as their birthstone, you might be wondering what other ways the two connect. There are certainly parallels that can be drawn between the two. Let’s take a look at a few.

Aesthetic Appeal – diamonds are eye-catching. They stand out and get attention. It’s sort of at the core of what they’re known for. This pairs wonderfully with the confidence and impulsiveness often assigned to Aries personalities.

Symbolism – historically, diamonds have been connected to the powers of strength, purity and energy. Because Aries are known for their determination and bravery, the diamond’s powers correspond to and work in perfect harmony.

Emotional Resonance – there is a certain peaceful quality to diamonds. It’s due, most likely, from the union of their appearance and their substance. This can produce an element of calm, comfort and contentment to those who wear them. Because Aries can be passionately outgoing and headstrong sometimes, the relaxing energy of diamonds can create a leveling effect that is beneficial.

Now that we have a better understanding of how diamonds and Aries connect, let’s explore some amazing gift recommendations.

If you know an Aries, diamond jewelry makes such a thoughtful gift, especially for their birthday. Of course, they are just as intoxicating for any occasion. Each of the picks below also includes a custom presentation box and/or velvet jewelry pouch to help make your gift giving a breeze.

1. Fire and Ice 10K Solid Gold and Diamond Ring

Fire and Ice Solid 10K Gold and Diamond Ring

Featuring 15 genuine diamonds in 3 unique cuts! Any woman who wears this ring is sure to get attention from its breathtaking presentation. Gleaming in 10K solid gold, it is graced with a marquise center stone surrounded with baguettes and round cut stones for an unparalleled sparkle. It connects beautifully to the Aries quality of confidence.

2. Until We Meet Again Diamond Ring

Until We Meet Again Diamond Ring

Featuring 11 genuine diamonds! A wonderful way to keep the memories of a loved one close. Handcrafted of solid sterling silver with an elegant diamond ribbon, it’s engraved with the comforting words “Until We Meet Again” inside the band and a diamond graced “Always” on top. It connects wonderfully to the Aries bravery through the trials of life.

3. Mother & Daughter Diamond Pendant Necklace

Mother & Daughter Diamond Pendant Necklace

Featuring 12 genuine diamonds! Two interlocking infinity symbols express the forever bond of a mother and her daughter. One dozen diamonds shimmer subtly in this symbolic pendant that includes a heartfelt sentiment card. It connects perfectly to the honesty quality of Aries, shared within her most important family relationships

4. Guardian Angel Embrace Crystal and Diamond Pendant Necklace

Guardian Angel Embrace Crystal and Diamond Necklace

Featuring a heart-shaped diamond bail! A lovely reminder that her guardian angel is always near in an angelic locket she can wear close to her heart. Plated in 24K gold, the “wings” of the pendant are radiant with over 60 genuine Swarovski crystals and open to reveal a touching sentiment. Or she can put a special photo inside! It complements the courageous spirit of an Arises with a heavenly touch.

5. Forever Love Diamond Bracelet

Forever Love Diamond Bracelet

Featuring 12 genuine diamonds! A meaningful way to express the romance you share. The infinity symbol design of this graceful bracelet highlights its ribbon of dazzling diamonds with 18K gold-plated accents. And wait until she sees the words “I Love You Forever” engraved inside. It is a perfect union with the Aries’s passionate personality.

6. Family of Love Personalized Diamond Bracelet

Family of Love Personalized Diamond Bracelet

Featuring 10 genuine diamonds! Makes a great way for a mother or grandmother to keep all her family members close at hand. This elegant bracelet can be personalized with the engraved names of up to 10 loved ones on wave-shaped links shimmering with diamonds and 18K gold-plated highlights. It connects wonderfully with an Aries’s enthusiasm for her family.

7. Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings

Featuring 1/10 carats total weight of genuine diamonds! From classy to casual, it’s the perfect accessory for every ensemble. These sophisticated diamond stud earrings are handcrafted of solid sterling silver in a “miracle” setting with interlocking heart filigree sides. They are an ideal complement to an Aries’s independent spirit.

8. Forever My Daughter Diamond Earrings

Forever My Daughter Diamond Earrings

Featuring 12 genuine diamonds! Makes a distinctive way to remind your daughter she is always loved. Handcrafted of solid sterling silver, this diamond pair has a heart-shaped infinity symbol design to enhance the meaning and includes a sweet poem card too. They are a unique symbol of devotion sure to appeal to an Aries’s sense of loyalty.

If you liked our suggestions for Aries, just wait until you see the entire selection of diamond jewelry available on our website. Have a look around at all the sparkle and shine; we’d love to hear what you think.

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