In the Spotlight: 7 Bob Mackie Designs to Love and Wear

Bob Mackie Designs

The name Bob Mackie is synonymous with eye-catching glamour and head-turning style. Even if you’re not familiar with his name, you’ve almost undoubtedly seen his work on the screen, on the stage or in celebrity photographs. After all, he’s dressed stars like Cher, Carol Burnett, Tina Turner, Judy Garland, Madonna and many, many more over the course of his 50-plus year career. Some of my very own favorite entertainers have worn Bob Mackie designs, including The Supremes, Lucille Ball, and Pink.

As you can imagine, when I first heard the news that Mr. Mackie would be creating exclusive designs for us, I was absolutely giddy. His designs are famous for being imaginatively attention grabbing, with glitzy details that make the women who wear them radiate style and charisma. And these designs did not disappoint! I knew my readers would want to know all about them, so today, I’m delighted to share my 7 favorite Bob Mackie designs to go crazy for right now – including the original sketches (created by Bob Mackie exclusively for our customers) that inspired them. Oh, and I’ve added links to shop, because trust me, you’re going to want to own these designer gems!

1. Art Deco Ring

The Details: Crafted in solid sterling silver with over 8 carats of Diamonesk® simulated diamonds in 3 unique cuts, this ring is a Gatsby-worthy dazzler!

In Bob Mackie’s Words: “I love using the style of different eras as inspiration for today’s designs. And the glitz, glamour and bold geometric shapes of the 1920s is time-tested style perfect to create a bold and modern, yet sophisticated look.”

Art Deco Ring

2. Golden Glamour Ring

The Details: Solid sterling silver is plated in 18K gold and wrapped in a sparkling embrace of over 48 Diamonesk® simulated diamonds – you’ll be ready to take center stage in this ring!

In Bob Mackie’s Words: “I love a design with clean, sleek lines and subtle curves. Add just the right amount of glimmer and you’ve created an irresistible combination of sparkle and sophistication. What woman doesn’t want that!”

Golden Glamour Ring

3. Blue and Bold Ring

The Details: The name says it all – over 30 Diamonesk® simulated diamonds and created sapphires give this solid sterling silver ring star-quality charisma!

In Bob Mackie’s Words: “What is so great about design is the ability to take a classic, streamlined look and add just enough pizzazz to make it glamorous. Put fiery sparkle into simple blue and white stripes, and suddenly you have casual elegance. I love that!”

Blue and Bold Ring

4. Rodeo Drive Handbag

The Details: Pebbled black leather, sleek, croc-patterned details, a Bob Mackie designer scarf – this bag is so incredibly chic, you’ll feel like a celebrity wherever you go.

In Bob Mackie’s Words: “Classic with a twist is a quick way to make any outfit chic. The crocodile pattern detail and removable fashion scarf bring unexpected glamour to an everyday look.”

Rodeo Drive Handbag

5. Pink Beauty Ring

A pear-shaped Diamonesk® simulated pink diamond of over 5 carats is embellished with simulated white diamonds in a stunning showcase of blushing sophistication.

In Bob Mackie’s Words: “I love a design that radiates with femininity. And there’s no better way to do that than with a dramatic statement in pink. It’s a color that becomes the life of the party instantly – which certainly speaks well for the woman who wears it!”

Pink Beauty Ring

6. Bold and Beautiful Ring Collection

Choose from four dazzling stone colors, and you’ll sparkle with confidence from day into night! This solid sterling silver ring boasts over 7 carats of Diamonesk® stones in your choice of white, red, green or blue.

In Bob Mackie’s Words: “I love when a woman makes bold fashion choices. So there’s no better choice than a statement accessory in a striking color. It’s a gorgeous way for a woman to feel glamorous and show off her style personality!”

Bold and Beautiful Ring Collection

7. Beverly Hills Handbag

The Details: With a bold striped panel and posh golden studs, this chic pebbled black leather handbag makes a fierce statement. Bob Mackie signature lining adds a subtle touch of designer style.

In Bob Mackie’s Words: “The strong, classic stripes and edgy metal detailing of this bag makes for a stylish sophistication that should be every woman’s trademark.”

Beverly Hills Handbag


Those are MY favorite Bob Mackie designs. What did you think? Do you have a favorite Bob Mackie design (or wearer)? Is there a celebrity whose style you particularly admire? I love to talk fashion, so please share your thoughts, questions, suggestions and opinions in the comments! If you want more style inspiration, we have an exciting selection of more Bob Mackie jewelry and designer handbags for you to explore. They’re all fantastic Christmas gift ideas for the fashion-forward lady on your list. I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and thanks for reading!


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