Top Jewelry Gifts for Cancers: Ruby and Moonstone

The signs of the zodiac have been alluring since their beginnings, which was long before any of us peopled the planet. In fact, the origin of zodiac signs can be traced all the way back to 1000 BC. It was during this period that the Babylonians divided the sky into 12 distinctive sections. Based on their astronomical observations, they assigned each section a name, a symbol and a specific meaning. This was the birth of the zodiac.

In recent decades, interest in the zodiac and all things astrological has skyrocketed, probably because of our fascination with their related symbolism and meanings. People love to try and connect their zodiac sign with their personality to see how closely they overlap. It can be a satisfying exercise and, honestly, a lot of fun too.

That’s why we are continuing our series of articles on the 12 zodiac signs and how they relate to gemstones. In particular, gemstone jewelry designs, something The Bradford Exchange is known for. We’ve already posted quite a few of these but if you’ve missed them, stick around. We can direct you to them at the end of today’s post.

For today’s article, our focus is on Cancers. If you were born between June 21 and July 22, you’re a Cancer. Even if you’re not one yourself, perhaps you have a special one in your life, in which case you might want to keep reading.

As you might already realize, every astrological sign overlaps two months. Cancers have both June and July assigned. But since most of the time frame occurs within the month of July, Cancers are usually associated with July’s birthstone: ruby.

But ruby is not the only precious stone connected to Cancers. The radiant world of gemstones is vast, so there are many more sparkling treasures that people associate with that particular sign. Among them is one we will also discuss in today’s post: moonstone, which leads us to today’s topic: Top Jewelry Gifts for Cancers: Ruby and Moonstone. Before we reveal what the Gift Advisors at The Bradford Exchange have in store for us today, we thought it would be fun to provide a little more context on Cancers and examine the ways they connect to these two intoxicating stones.

The Cancer Zodiac Sign Explained

Cancer, a water sign, holds the 4th astrological position in the zodiac and is represented by a crab. Because it shares its name with a disease, some astrologers choose to avoid the negative connotation, instead referring to Cancers as “moon children”. That’s because Cancer’s ruling planet is the moon.

For all the Cancers out there, do you think that’s an appropriate moniker? It certainly makes sense that moonstones are an ideal match for that zodiac sign. But what about the personality traits of all the moon children on earth? We have a few thoughts.

Obviously, humans are very nuanced, complex beings who have come to be who they are because of their life experiences and genetic makeup. These things, for the most part, do dictate our outward expression and behaviors. Our personality, if you will. But if you were born under the Cancer sign, does your personality match up with the characteristics commonly associated with Cancers? Here are a few to think about:

– Loyal

– Protective

– Loving

– Emotional

– Intuitive

– Artistic

– Nostalgic

– Nurturing

– Imaginative

– Benevolent

– Outgoing

– Organized

Do any of these sound familiar to you? Which ones stand out? It’s important to remember that the personality traits associated with zodiac signs are not a science by any means. They are, however, very entertaining to read about.

Now let’s get into some interesting facts about the two stones we’re profiling today: rubies and moonstones.

The Significance of Rubies for Cancers

Knowing that Cancers have been assigned the ruby as their birthstone, you might wonder what other ways their zodiac sign connects with the gem. Let’s examine some of their parallels.

Aesthetic Appeal – rubies are stunning to behold. The beauty of their deep red hue has a universal appeal but is acutely attractive to Cancers because of the stone’s eye-catching quality. Many Cancers tend to be outgoing and artistic, and rubies connect to that vibe because they can be immediate attention getters. Especially when showcased in an attractive jewelry design.

Metaphysical Beliefs – in gemstone lore, rubies are often thought to contain healing properties that are especially beneficial for Cancers. Rubies are also believed to be able to attach, align and amplify a Cancer’s natural strength to help them combat things like moodiness, over-sensitivity and insecurity, which are traits often associated with the sign.

Symbolism – what’s more romantic than a ruby? Because of their renowned native beauty, rubies are equated with love and romance, which makes them a perfect fit for Cancers. Rubies appeal to a Cancer’s deep emotional nature, their passion for life and connection, and their loving spirits.

Now that we can clearly see how rubies and Cancers are related, let’s have a look at some top jewelry gift recommendations, all of which include a custom presentation box and/or velvet jewelry pouch.

A Dozen Rubies of Love Personalized Ring

A Dozen Rubies of Love Personalized Ring

Featuring 12 rubies and over 50 white topaz! A bouquet of roses can say “I love you” but a bouquet of rubies says, “I love you forever”! This 18K gold-plated solid sterling silver ring sparkles with over 1.5 carats of genuine rubies to catch your Cancer’s eye but wait until she sees the engraving inside the band. It’s both your names, punctuated with the word “Forever” as a reminder of your everlasting love.

Our Love Forever Personalized Ring

Our Love Forever Personalized Ring

Featuring bands of shimmering red rubies and white topaz! The love you share with her is beautifully expressed in this solid sterling silver ring with 18K gold-plated accents. Genuine rubies and topaz gems entwine across the middle in overlapping bands engraved with both your names and graced with a solitaire topaz in a heart-shaped setting. There’s even a special engraving inside the band for a loving touch.

With All My Heart Pendant Necklace

With All My Heart Pendant Necklace

Featuring an over 2-carat heart-shaped ruby surrounded by over 2-dozen white topaz! If you want to give that special Cancer your heart, this solid sterling silver pendant is the way to do it. The impressive genuine ruby in the center is encompassed all around with white topaz gems for a look that radiates with pure romance. And to complete the design, there’s a heart charm at the clasp that’s engraved with “I Love You”.

A Dozen Roses Ruby Charm Bracelet

A Dozen Roses Ruby Charm Bracelet

Featuring a dozen 24K gold-plated rose charms set with rubies! Red roses are the ultimate symbol of passion, and this radiant charm bracelet has 12 of them. Each rose-shaped charm sparkles with a genuine ruby surrounded with hand-set crystals, to create a loving “bouquet” she can take everywhere. There’s even a heart charm engraved with “I Love You” to punctuate your gift.

A Dozen Rubies of Love Personalized Bracelet

A Dozen Rubies of Love Personalized Bracelet

Featuring 12 lab-grown rubies and 24 white topaz accents! The beauty of this “bouquet” bracelet will never fade, dazzling with lab grown rubies and genuine white topaz accents for an eye-catching look that Cancers will love. And to accentuate your loving bond, it adjusts with a slider bead featuring both your names on one side and the word “Always” engraved on the other side.

Forever Yours Earrings

Forever Yours Earrings

Featuring 6 rubies on each 18K gold-plated earring, along with a sculpted red rose! This love-struck pair shimmers with genuine red rubies that are sure to get her attention regardless of the occasion. And what makes them truly remarkable is the sculpted red rose that “flowers” in the center of each heart-shaped earring.

Looking for more ruby jewelry?

The Significance of Moonstone for Cancers

Now that we’ve discussed how rubies connect to Cancers, let’s take a look at their companion, the moonstone, and how it might align with their zodiac sign.

Aesthetic Appeal – the highest quality moonstone is translucent with a slight blue sheen, but it can be found in multiple colors. Moonstone generally has a frosted look that can be interpreted as mystical or ethereal. This resonates with the intuitive nature of many Cancers, making it a good match.

Metaphysical Beliefs – moonstone is renowned for its believed metaphysical properties. Among them are enhanced intuition, emotional balance, feminine energy and heightened creativity. These traits align remarkably with a Cancer’s propensity for intuition, emotionalism, nurturing and creativity, promising the elevation of those traits to a higher level.

Meaning – the most obvious connection between moonstones and Cancers is the moon, its reigning planet. Moonstones were named such by the Roman historian Pliny, because whenever he would admire the stone, its shimmery manifestation would appear to shift based on the moon’s different phases. Now let’s have a look at a few of our top moonstone jewelry selections. Each one makes a wonderful gift for a Cancer and includes a custom presentation box and/or velvet jewelry pouch.

The Bond Pendant Necklace

The Bond Pendant Necklace

Featuring a wolf art crystal pendant graced with a moonstone! Lucie Bilodeau’s famed painting “The Bond” is recreated on a faceted crystal heart, bringing the passion of her devoted wolf duo to life. A crescent moon bail crowns the vivid artwork and is graced with a genuine moonstone and 18K gold-plated accents for a distinctive finish.

Starry Night Pendant Necklace

Starry Night Pendant Necklace

Featuring a Vincent van Gogh art-inspired pendant with a rainbow moonstone! One of the most famed expressionist paintings of all time – “The Starry Night” – comes to life in full color across an 18K gold-plated canvas. At the top, a crescent moon-shaped bail holds a genuine rainbow moonstone to continue the theme. And on the back of the pendant, the word “Dream” is etched, framed by a swirling pattern in van Gogh’s unmistakable style.

Looking for more moonstone jewelry?

We trust you enjoyed our jewelry gift suggestions for Cancers and all the fascinating connections their zodiac sign has with ruby and moonstone! Interested in some of the other zodiac and gemstone articles we’ve published recently? We invite you to check out these:

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We would also love to hear what you think about today’s post. Thanks so much reading!

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