5 Cool Sports Memorabilia Picks to Bring the Action Home

Sports fans are everywhere. Just go outside and throw a ball – any ball – and you are liable to hit one. While we are not suggesting that at all, we are suggesting that there are hundreds of thousands of people who enjoy professional and college sports, from the casual fan to the diehard and dedicated.

Whether it’s the NFL, MLB™, the NHL®, or college sports, there is plenty of excitement and action taking place daily across our stadiums and arenas, rinks, and tracks. Got a ticket for that excitement? That’s great! COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted and it’s possible to become a live spectator again. Which is definitely something to cheer about. But how do you bring those same thrills home when you’re merely watching from your couch? An ideal way is with officially licensed sports memorabilia and collectibles.

Because your home is an expression of who you are and what you love, why not decorate your family room, den, man (or woman) cave, entertainment area, or even in your yard with dynamic collectibles featuring the sports, teams, and players you are passionate about. With just a few key pieces of sports memorabilia, you can show off awesome-looking tributes and remind all your guests who you cheer for. To get you started, we’ve selected some amazing choices – one for every kind of sports fan. Please enjoy our 5 Cool Sports Memorabilia Picks to Bring the Action Home:

For NFL Fans

Football fans, are you ready for a challenge? Collect and own an officially licensed challenge coin for every historic team in the NFL. What an impressive tribute each one makes! The NFC teams gleam with 24K gold plating, while the AFC teams boast 99.9% silver plating, highlighting the team’s name, logo, and colors in hand-applied enameling. The collection includes a deluxe display case for a museum-quality presentation, making it an eye-catching conversational piece in your home

For Major League Baseball™ Fans

Want to make your home the #1 destination for MLB™ excitement? This officially licensed address sign scores big-time, letting everyone know where the baseball action is. That’s because it’s personalized with your address, along with the name, logo and colors of your favorite baseball team. Plus, you can show your loyalty indoors or out because it is weather resistant and includes both metal yard stakes and hanging hardware.

For College Football Fans

For Ohio State University® alumni and Buckeyes® loyal, this innovative tribute needs to be seen to be believed! Levitating over a hexagonal base emblazoned with the Buckeyes colors, stadium, and historic stats is a silvery team football that hovers and spins in mid-air. What’s more, the flip of a switch activates dramatic white lights that shine upon the football for an extraordinary effect. Can you imagine the kind of attention this mesmerizing Buckeye football will get when you score it for your home! Buckeyes, not your team? No worries. You can pay homage to other revered alma maters with our additional team choices.

For NHL®Fans

Were you watching when the St. Louis Blues® crushed the Boston Bruins® to take home the 2019 Stanley Cup®? Take a thrilling ride back through every moment with this incredible HO-scale train collection. Loaded up with vivid colors and imagery in honor of the Blues® epic win, this NHL® licensed collectible is really going places. And your Blues® will always find their way to victory, thanks to the locomotive with a real, working headlight. Your collection includes a 14-piece HO gauge track set, power pack, and speed controller. All aboard! On your historic hockey adventure, be sure to check out all of our NHL®collectibles, heating things up with the best teams and players on the ice.

Getting some creative ideas about how to rep your favorite team and bump up the sports enthusiasm in your home? We certainly hope so. When it comes to the pro and college sports game, The Bradford Exchange offers so many ways to win. And we are thrilled to share that victory with all the sports fans and enthusiasts.

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