8 Halloween Decorating Ideas (Updated 2023)

Since Halloween 2023 is quickly creeping upon us, we thought we’d ask a question designed to dredge the recesses of one’s darkest nightmares. Perhaps that’s a bit dramatic. It’s a simple question: What is the scariest thing you can imagine happening this Halloween?

For many people, the answer to this question does not enter the realm of the supernatural at all. Being chased by a creepy clown, being haunted by an angry ghost, or even discovering a monster living under the bed are not the things that scare most people. Not at all.

For a large percentage of those who love Halloween, the real horror is being unprepared. Or, worse yet, not having the best, the biggest, the most fun, or the most chilling Halloween display in the entire neighborhood. Because “dressing up” for Halloween doesn’t just mean putting on a pirate costume. It means dressing up your home, inside and out, to become a spook-tacular destination for your family and guests.

If Halloween is kind of like your Christmas, or if you really want to make your Halloween decor stand out this season, the list we’ve put together for this blog will not scare you at all. Whether it’s frightening fun or terrifying excitement you’re looking for, these are bound to deliver the tricks, and treats, that will thrill you. Enjoy 8 Halloween Decorating Ideas: Our Picks for 2023… if you dare!

Spooky Sights and Bright Lights Sculpture Collection

Spooky Sights And Bright Lights Sculpture Collection

Fright this way to a collection of spooky jack-o-lanterns picked from a patch you’ve never visited before. Each of these glittering handcrafted glass pumpkins is emblazoned with the frightfully fun imagery of acclaimed artist Dona Gelsinger, featuring witches and ghosts and goblins galore. And when night grows nigh, these haunted gourds glow from inside with starry LED lights controlled with convenient 24-hours timers. It’s spellbinding!

Jack Skellington Solar Lit Welcome Sign

Jack Skellington Solar Lit Welcome Sign

Who better to greet your Halloween guests than Disney’s Jack Skellington, featured in this sculpted welcome sign? And guess who’s on the base of this 16″ tall presentation? It’s Disney’s Zero surrounded by pumpkins. UV and water resistant so you can display it outside, this spooky greeting has built-in light-sensing solar panels, so it knows exactly when to charge and when to turn on, all on its own. People might think it’s haunted!

Spooktacular Halloween Figurine Collection

Turn your favorite holiday into pumpkin-palooza with this collection of Disney Halloween figurines. A color-changing sculpted jack-o-lantern provides a spook-tacular centerpiece, ideal for surrounding with the rest of the figurines. Each one has an adorable pumpkin base and captures beloved Disney characters all dressed up for trick-or-treating. Arriving in sets of 2, the figurines are individually handcrafted and painted by hand to highlight every devilish detail.

PEANUTS™ It’s the Great Pumpkin Tabletop Tree

If you sneak into the pumpkin patch, you never know who you might encounter. But when you display this tabletop tree in your home, your family and friends will experience the pure nostalgic delight of the PEANUTS™ gang. Inspired by the classic TV special, this ultimate Halloween decoration is overflowing with your favorite characters, 35 glowing LED lights, “flying” bats, jack-o-lanterns and a broom-flying Woodstock topper.

Ghostbusters Levitating Slimer Ghost Trap Sculpture

Ghostbusters Levitating Slimer Ghost Trap Sculpture

Halloween is the ideal time to try and capture an iconic ectoplasmic being like Slimer™. This favorite Ghostbusters™ spirit is ready to haunt your home as he hovers and rotates in mid-air above a specially designed Ghost Trap base. And what’s that… it even emits an eerie glow to highlight his ghastly green blobby form. Can you catch him? You don’t want to let this officially licensed tribute get away from you!

Heads of Horror Sculpture Collection

Those bumps in the night could just be in your head. Then again, they could be the Heads of Horror, ready to bring your darkest nightmares to gory life. This horrifying collection is not for the faint of heart, with ghastly sculptural monster heads presented under glass domes. From exposed brains to oozing flesh, no grisly detail is left to the imagination. Even the bases featured built-in LED lighting to bring each demon, ghoul and fiend to terrifying life.

America’s Most Haunted Village Collection

America's Most Haunted Village Collection

You’ve read about the horrors that plagued the Amityville house, but how would you like to see them for yourself? This Halloween, “step inside” the haunted walls of an iconic paranormal hot spot with a collection of handcrafted buildings inspired by the scariest places on the planet. The intricate detailing will make your skin crawl and each house includes a printed newspaper card detailing its horrific history. What’s more, they light up with an eerie glow from the inside to heighten the terror level. Get the Amityville house before October 31… but only if you dare!

Jasmine Becket-Griffith Soulful Spirits Figurine Collection

Jasmine Becket-Griffith Soulful Spirits Figurine Collection

The creepy, soulful history doesn’t stop with Halloween. Immediately following is el Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. This time of remembering those who have passed on is beautifully expressed with this collection of sugar skull fairies, inspired by the vision of acclaimed artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith. Intricately handcrafted and vibrantly painted by hand, each masterpiece glows in the dark to summon the spirits of the dearly departed. And shimmering faux gems and traditional designs enhance the presentation.

Now that wasn’t scary at all, was it? We wanted to spark some fun and frightening Halloween inspiration as October 31 approaches. How did we do? Did you see a must-have decoration for your home? If so, we’d encourage you to snap that “treat” up as soon as possible to avoid the “trick” of it being all sold out. And don’t forget that our Halloween decor is not available anywhere else!

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