Not Your Ordinary Holiday Wreaths

We’ve all seen them at stores and in people’s homes every year around this time. Traditional Christmas wreaths with lush greenery, red ribbons and red ornaments. They certainly are beautiful, but sometimes it’s fun to take your Christmas decor to the next level! (Especially if you’re hoping to catch Santa’s attention…I know I am!)

There’s a stunning selection of holiday wreaths at The Bradford Exchange Online, but some of my favorites are the ones that I call “traditional with a twist.” Scroll down to see my top picks for unexpected holiday wreaths:

Have a Blue Christmas…and Be Happy About It!

I thought I’d start off my list with rock ‘n’ roll royalty: the King, of course! Every true-blue fan of Elvis knows that he loved Christmas, and this officially-licensed wreath celebrates him and the holidays in unforgettable style with Elvis portraiture by acclaimed artist Nate Giorgio.

Pictured: It’s A True Blue Christmas Wreath

It's A True Blue Elvis Christmas Wreath

A Christmas “Tweet” for All!

This wreath is sure to delight any bird lover, featuring 7 species of sculptural songbirds, shimmering “snow” and 3 lanterns that really light up. It certainly sends my heart aflutter!

Pictured: Merry Melodies Wreath

Merry Melodies Bird Wreath

A Winter Wonderland That Won’t Melt!

This is the first-ever Thomas Kinkade wreath that captures the look of hand-carved ice. It beautifully showcases seven of acclaimed artist’s most beloved winter visions on blown-glass ornaments and a sculpted holiday village with friendly townsfolk. Super cool!

Pictured: Thomas Kinkade Holiday Brilliance Wreath

Thomas Kinkade Holiday Brilliance Wreath

Add Disney Enchantment to Your Holidays!

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and more — with its merry cast of characters, this Disney wreath is sure to share Christmas cheer. Plus, its LED lights are controlled by a 24-hour timer, so you can program what time you’d like it to come alive every night…like magic!

Pictured: It’s a Magical Disney Christmas Wreath

It's A Magical Disney Christmas Wreath

A Nativity Scene and Wreath in One!

This is such a clever way to portray the nativity in your home and free up some tabletop space in the meantime! With 50 shimmering lights nestled amid the white branches, this inspiring wreath illuminates the “reason for the season” in style.

Pictured: Thomas Kinkade Christmas Blessings Wreath

Thomas Kinkade Christmas Blessings Wreath

For an A-meow-zing Holiday!

I know my cat loves to play with all the Christmas decor in my home, especially when I’m not looking. This sweet pre-lit wreath is the first ever to recreate the kitten imagery of acclaimed artist Jürgen Scholz in bas-relief. From the kitten playfully pawing at the mistletoe to the one wrapped up in ribbon, it’s simply purr-fect!

Pictured: Merry Mischief Makers Wreath

Merry Mischief Makers Wreath

There’s “Snow” Wreath Like This One!

At an impressive two feet high, this festive wreath is sure to warm hearts with its dapper snowman sculpture centerpiece and illuminated lantern inspired by the artistry of Thomas Kinkade. It certainly puts a smile on my face!

Pictured: Thomas Kinkade A Warm Winter Welcome Snowman Wreath

Thomas Kinkade A Warm Winter Welcome Snowman Wreath

That’s my lineup! I hope you saw something that caught your eye and make sure to visit The Bradford Exchange Online to see all of the holiday wreaths and more Christmas decor that awaits you.

What’s your favorite wreath from this list? How do you usually decorate for Christmas? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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