Rockin’ Tributes to 5 Music Legends

Music is a powerful medium. Musicians can make us feel deep emotions with their melodies and lyrics. Many people are drawn to a certain genre of music, while others switch it up to fit their mood. Today, I’d like to take a moment to ask my beloved readers a question: are you ready to rock?

If you’re anything like me, you were born ready. I love all types of music from jazz and soul to rock and reggae, so I’m extremely excited to share my favorite tributes from The Bradford Exchange that give a nod to 5 of the musical legends that have firmly made their mark in music history.

Elvis Presley

He’s known as the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll for a reason — he rules! With his hip-shaking melodies and his swoon-worthy good looks, Elvis will never leave the building when you showcase these treasures.

Elvis Presley: Golden Legend Lamp

Timeless Legend Clock

Ultimate Elvis Charm Bracelet

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Elvis Presley

The Beatles

Just like Elvis, The Beatles get new fans with every new generation! Take a trip to Abbey Road and celebrate the “Fab Four” in ultra-cool style with these Beatles tributes.

The Beatles Drum Wall Clock

The Beatles Abbey Road Men’s Watch

The Beatles Abbey Road Handbag

The Beatles


The perfect combination of magic and mayhem, KISS really knows how to steal the spotlight! You’re sure to steal the spotlight, too, with these unforgettable KISS collectibles.

KISS Motorcycle Sculpture Collection

KISS Light Up The Stage Zippo® Lighter Collection



If I had to describe AC/DC in one word, it would be “electric.” Electrifying melodies, rhythms, vocals and stage presence! This electric train collection salutes these hard rock legends every time it rolls down the track.

AC/DC Rock ‘n’ Roll Express Train Collection


Bob Marley

He might have played reggae, but there’s no doubt Bob Marley rocked! Ignite a blazing tribute to this visionary musician with this Zippo® lighter collection, emblazoned with unforgettable concert imagery.

Bob Marley Soul Rebel Zippo® Lighter Collection

Bob Marley

That’s my legendary lineup! Which of these 5 music legends is your favorite? What’s your all-time favorite band? Who am I missing in my list? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading and please share this post — you rock!

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