Mother’s Day Preview: Personalized Gifts Celebrating Family

personalized mother's day gifts

Almost every kid wants to be their Mom’s “favorite child.” I know I did! Every year, I would go to great lengths to stay a few steps ahead of my brothers, much to their chagrin. Nowadays, the competition has lessened…or so they think!

Whenever we asked my mom who her favorite child was, she’d say the classic response, “I love all my children equally.” If your mom is anything like mine, or perhaps you’re “that mom” yourself, you might be looking for a Mother’s Day gift that reflects that heartwarming sentiment. I can help!

Scroll down to see a few of my favorite personalized Mother’s Day gifts from The Bradford Exchange that celebrate everyone in Mom’s heart. Trust me, giving one of these one-of-a-kind treasures for Mother’s Day will put a smile on her face and get you major “favorite child” points!

Personalized Necklaces for Mother’s Day

Birthstones are such a classy way to represent loved ones, and a birthstone necklace for Mom keeps a reminder of her children close to her heart whenever she wears it. And, engraved names add an extra special touch!

Left: Family of Love Personalized Pendant Necklace

Center: Forever in a Mother’s Heart Personalized Pendant Necklace

Right: Mother Holds Her Child’s Heart Personalized Pendant Necklace

Personalized Necklaces

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Personalized Bracelets for Mother’s Day

Aren’t these personalized bracelets simply charming? I love how in both of these fine jewelry designs, each child gets two charms honoring them: a name-engraved charm and one featuring their birthstone. Any mother will tell you — it’s good to play fair!

Left: My Family, My Joy Personalized Bracelet

Right: Forever in a Mother’s Heart Personalized Birthstone Bracelet

Personalized Bracelets

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Personalized Rings for Mother’s Day

My mom loves “bling,” so she’d definitely wear one of these rings, sparkling with love for her family. Each ring is truly unique and beautiful in their own way, just like members of a family!

Top Left: Love Hold Our Family Together Personalized Diamond Ring

Top Right: A Mother’s Embrace Personalized Birthstone Ring

Bottom Left: Strength of Family Personalized Diamond Ring

Bottom Right: Family is Forever Personalzied Ring

Personalized Rings

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Personalized Music Boxes for Mother’s Day

Looking to really put a song in Mom’s heart? A personalized music box really makes a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. It’s something she can enjoy every day and she’s sure to think of you every time she admires it!

Right: A Mother’s Love Personalized Music Box

Left: A Holds Her Child’s Heart Personalized Music Box

Personalized Music Boxes

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Thanks for reading! I hope you found something that will make Mother’s Day extra special for yourself, your mom, your grandma — whomever you’re celebrating! All of our personalized Mother’s Day gifts are personalized for FREE, and are backed by the best guarantee in the business, so you can shop for Mother’s Day with confidence.

What from my list would secure your spot as the “favorite child?” Did something special catch your eye for yourself? Connect with me in the comments and don’t forget to see all of the amazing Mother’s Day gifts available at The Bradford Exchange Online.

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