Thanksgiving – What are You Grateful For?


What Are You Thankful For? Add Your Answer!

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. It combines everything I love into one amazing day of family, friends,  football and pumpkin pie (or maybe my uncle’s famous bread pudding … okay, maybe both!). Most of all, though, I love the sentiment of Thanksgiving. Gratitude is so important to happiness, but life is filled with distractions and it’s easy to forget how blessed we truly are. That’s why it’s nice to have an entire day dedicated to giving thanks and showing our appreciation for the things that really matter, like family and friendship, health and happiness, food to eat and a warm place to sleep.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I asked some people around the office what they are most grateful for. Read their answers below, then add your own in the comments!

“Coffee, cupcakes…and love. The greatest of these is love (but coffee is a close second).”

“I’m grateful for my family.”

“People in my life that love me for me.”

“For Peanut Butter M&M’s.”

“Family, friends, Netflix, coffee, my health and ice cream.”

“I’m grateful that I have access to everything I want in a device that fits in my back pocket.”

“For my dog, who makes me feel like a hero every time I walk her.”

“I’m thankful for ducks, soccer, racing, my dog, and the person who brought in scones for everyone today.”

I just found out there are scones in the break room, so I better wrap this up 😉 But before I go, I want to say I’m especially grateful for my readers, who make writing a joy. Have a very happy Thanksgiving, filled with whatever it is that makes YOU grateful!


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