The John Wayne Guide to Living Your Best Life: 12 Quotes for Everyday Situations

John Wayne’s birthday is this Tuesday, May 26. To celebrate the quintessential American cowboy widely known as “The Duke,” I thought I’d share some of my favorite words of wisdom from his life and acting career. They’re proof that for every situation, there’s a John Wayne quote to remind you to always live your best life. Read them, share them, and bring a little cowboy swagger to your everyday life!

1. When your husband comes back from the store with nothing but junk food, remind yourself:


2. When you’re at the movies, and someone starts talking about how none of this would actually happen in real life:


3. When your girlfriend wants to go horseback riding and you’re terrified of horses:


4. When it’s his turn to change the baby’s diaper and he’s trying to get out of it, just look him in the eye and say, “Honey…”:


5. When you’re feeling discouraged and could use some affirmation, just look in the mirror and repeat these words:


6. When your son or daughter is getting married, and they come to you for relationship advice:


7. When you get called for jury duty:


8. When the going gets tough, and you feel like giving up, remember:


9. When you’re studying in the library with your friends:


10. When your buddies ask why you gave up tickets to the big game to stay home with your pregnant wife:


11. On those rare occasions when you make a mistake, and you could easily blame someone else, but you decide to take responsibility because that’s what Duke would do:


12. When your wife asks you why you framed this list of John Wayne quotes to hang on your wall:


What’s your favorite John Wayne quote? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to share this list with the John Wayne admirers in your life!

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The John Wayne Guide to Living Your Best Life: 12 Quotes for Everyday Situations by


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