Tick Tock – Time for a New Clock?

Make sure to set your clocks forward this Sunday! It’s never easy losing an hour of sleep, but it always makes me feel better when the sun begins to set later and later as we make our way to the summer months.

Since I’m about to change every clock in my house, I got to thinking about all of the amazing wall clocks available at The Bradford Exchange and how it might be time to jazz up my walls with a clock that I’ll really love every minute.

Scroll down to see 5 of the clocks I’m cuckoo for, and share your favorites in the comments!

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock

The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock

I loved every minute of Disney Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” so this cuckoo clock is right up my alley. Sculptural figures of Jack, Sally, Lock, Shock and Barrel share the thrills and chills of this beloved film and when it plays “This is Halloween” on the hour, it’s really a scream!

2. STAR WARS: Sith Vs. Jedi Wall Clock

STAR WARS Sith Vs. Jedi Wall Clock With Light-Up Lightsabers

My best friend is a HUGE fan of STAR WARS. When she saw that this clock starred her favorite hero and villain with lightsabers that actually light up, she knew she had to have it! (She also mentioned her birthday was coming up…)

3. Disney Timeless Magic Cuckoo Clock

Disney "Timeless Magic" Wall Clock With 43 Friends

Look at all of the Disney characters on this clock! 43 to be exact. At the top of every hour, the melody of “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” plays while the entire second tier rotates and the castle windows light up. How magical!

4. All In Good Time, My Little Pretty Cuckoo Clock

WIZARD OF OZ Wall Clock With Lights, Motion And Sound

There’s no place like home… to display this WIZARD OF OZ™ cuckoo clock. I love how the seven hand-painted figures of memorable characters are posed, and especially how Toto™ emerges at the top of every hour with an enthusiastic “BARK!”

5. Disney Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Cuckoo Clock

Disney Alice In Wonderland "Mad Hatter" Wall Clock

I’m simply mad for this clock. Then again… “we’re all mad here,” according to the clock face on this delightful treasure. The only way I’ll be late for a very important date with this clock is if I spend too much time admiring it before I leave. Quite possible!

Those are my top 5 clocks, but make sure to visit The Bradford Exchange Online to see all of the unique clocks available that celebrate a variety of interests, from classic films and TV shows to sports teams and more. Whichever clock makes you tick, you’re sure to enjoy it every minute — even when you “spring forward” and “fall back”!

Which clock from my lineup is your favorite? Which one do you think I should get? I’d love to connect with you in the comments! Thanks for reading and please share this post!

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3 comments On Tick Tock – Time for a New Clock?

  • Also a good idea to get a clock (something like this plain) and decorate it together with a kid. We did it with our kids in a kindergarten, they loved it

  • Just wanting to see ur Rottweiler purses or anything Rottweiler thank you

  • What a find gift idea for kids! I often have trouble thinking of good decoration ideas other than paintings/posters to hand in the wall. These cuckoo clocks definitely fit the bill.

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