Is Your Valentine “The One”? 25 Signs You’ve Found True Love

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the season of romance is officially upon us. Everywhere I go, I’m seeing pink hearts and chocolates, red roses and diamond rings! You’ve probably already found your sweetheart the perfect Valentine’s Day gift (and if not, hurry on over to our site and pick out a personalized jewelry treasure or a personalized music box before it’s too late), so now is a great time to reflect on the joy that love brings into our lives. Love comes in many forms, but today I want to talk about true love – that indescribable feeling you get when you’ve finally found the person you’re destined to be with. Whether you’re deeply in love, falling in love or wondering how to tell when it’s true love, here’s a list of 25 signs that your love is meant to be!

You Know You’ve Found “The One” When:

1. You can’t stop smiling for at least 24 hours after your first date. Or your second. Or your third…

2. After you start dating, people keep asking if you changed your hair, because there’s just something different about you.

3. By the end of your first date, you feel like you’ve known each other for years.

4. Even after you’ve been together for years, you still count your first date as the best thing that ever happened to you.

5. The first time you kissed, it felt just like coming home.

6. Suddenly the idea of soul mates doesn’t seem corny at all, and all those cheesy love songs seem like they were written just for you.

7. It finally makes complete sense to you why it never worked with anyone else.

8. You can be alone together in complete silence and still feel totally connected.

9. You’ve picked up the phone to call the person you love, only to see an incoming call from them.

10. They know just what to say to make you feel like a million bucks, even when you’re in sweatpants and your hair’s doing that weird thing where it sticks out on the side.

11. They make you laugh like nobody else can.

12. You know what the other one is thinking before they say it.

13. They get along with the people you love – sometimes better than you do!

14. You don’t just “put up with” each other’s idiosyncrasies, they are actually what you love most about each other.

15. They always see the best in you, and it makes you want to be the very best version of yourself.

16. You’ve seen each other at your worst, and it never crossed your mind to run away.

17. You actually believe them when they tell you you’re perfect just the way you are.

18. When you get good news, you can’t wait to tell them, and when you get bad news, no one else’s hugs will do. Whatever happens, they are always the first person you think of.

19. You never get tired of spending time together, because you can’t think of anyone else you’d rather be with.

20. It’s hard to fall asleep if you haven’t told each other about your day.

21. You secretly believe that your relationship is better than everyone else’s you know (but you’d never tell them that – after all, you don’t want to brag!)

22. You both go out of your way to do nice things for each other.

23. You share tons of common interests, but you also open each other up to new ideas you might never have considered.

24. You may have the occasional argument, but you always make up, and your relationship is even stronger because of it.

25. You would do anything for each other, because you’re a team.

I’d love to hear how you knew you’d found the one! Did you relate to this list? What would you add to it?

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