Wedding Anniversary Ideas to Sweep Them Off Their Feet (Again)

Think back to the time when you first fell in love with your sweetheart. The nervous excitement you felt when they called, the way your heart beat faster when you saw them again. Ah, romance!

Whether it’s your first anniversary or 50th, your anniversary is the perfect time to celebrate the love and life you share and highlight those special feelings you have for each other. Here are a few anniversary ideas that are sure to be memorable (and a whole lot of fun):

Recreate Your First Date
This is a great way to reminisce about when your love was just starting to blossom, and how your love has grown since then. Do you remember the outfit you wore? Try to recreate that as well (or dig it out of your closet)!

Take a “Then and Now” Picture
Find an old picture from when you first got together and see how closely you can come to recreating your poses, outfits and setting. Then, put both photos side-by-side in a frame to create a sweet memento of your love — and a unique conversation piece!

Give a Twist to the Traditional Anniversary Gift
Certain types of gifts are associated with each anniversary. Take a look at the list of anniversary gifts by year and see if there’s a clever way to turn the gift into an activity. For example, the 9th anniversary gift is pottery, and going to a paint-your-own pottery studio is a fun way to create something special for each other!

Count All the Ways You Love Them
Little things mean a lot! If you’ve shared a good number of years together, create a list of all the little things you love about the other person that adds up to the number of years you’ve been together. “25 Ways I’ve Loved Our 25 Years Together” is sure to make anyone swoon!

Give Them a Gift They’ll Cherish
You can never go wrong with a truly thoughtful anniversary gift. Make sure to visit The Bradford Exchange Online to shop our selection of unique anniversary gifts for him and her! Here are just a few that are sure to blow them away:

1. Today, Tomorrow, Always Personalized Table Centerpiece
2. For You, Forever Men’s Watch
3. Forever Yours Personalized Ring

What do you like to do for your anniversary? How long have you and your sweetie been together? Connect with me in the comments!

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Wedding Anniversary Ideas to Sweep Them Off Their Feet (Again) by


2 comments On Wedding Anniversary Ideas to Sweep Them Off Their Feet (Again)

  • Great post! You have shared such useful tips for surprising a wedding couple with surprise gifts. Thanks for sharing.

  • with my husband we got a real star from the kingdom of universe as a wedding gift. It was named our names. We really liked this gift. It’s really special one 🙂

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