What Kind of Romantic Are You?

Romantic Valentine's day gifts

Now that Valentine’s Day is on its way, love is definitely in the air! Every year, I like to give a meaningful Valentine’s Day gift to friends, family and everyone in my heart, but this holiday is definitely a time for sweethearts to shine. Are you looking for the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day gift? I can help!

There are all kinds of romantic gestures one can share on Valentine’s Day, but everyone’s idea of romance is a little different. What may sweep one person off their feet might not do it for another. To discover the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetie, you must first consider what kind of romantic you both are.

Scroll down to see my top Valentine’s Day picks based on romantic persuasion:


With their rich colors and lush blossoms, flowers are definitely the way to your heart if you are a classic romantic. Boasting hand-formed silken roses in a crystal vase that bears your two names, the Today, Tomorrow, Always Personalized Tabletop Centerpiece is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift to represent a love that never fades.

Personalized Tabletop Centerpiece


A passionate romantic needs a bold reminder of their sweetheart’s devotion. Over 25 genuine mocha-colored and white diamonds sparkle from the Sweet Decadence Diamond Ring — quite a tempting indulgence!

Sweet Decadence Diamond Ring


You’ve shared so much together already and you look forward to the memories you have yet to create. The Forever & Always Personalized Diamond Pendant Necklace is a great choice for the sentimental romantic, because it celebrates your love in sparkling style and keeps a reminder of your love close to her heart.

Personalized Diamond Pendant Necklace


Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are the ultimate sweethearts! It’s hard to look at the Disney Forever in Love Personalized Glitter Globe without feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Disney Forever in Love Personalized Glitter Globe


If you like to think outside the box on Valentine’s Day, consider a gift that celebrates a shared interest. Cheer for the same NFL team? Our NFL apparel and accessories sports your team spirit wherever you two go.

NFL apparel and accessories

If my Valentine happens to be reading this, I’m definitely a mixture between classic romantic and passionate. I mean, who wouldn’t love flowers and diamonds on Valentine’s Day, right? What kind of romantic are you? I’d love to connect with you in the comments!

There are so many amazing romantic Valentine’s Day gifts at The Bradford Exchange, so don’t wait to discover the perfect one for your sweetheart (or for yourself). Thanks for reading and please share this post to share the love!

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