10 Reasons to Love Halloween

Boo! Halloween is simply a scream, isn’t it? As a child, my mom always helped me create the most elaborate Halloween costumes I could imagine, from Viking princesses to robots made out of cardboard and tin foil, and I’ve carried that enthusiasm for the holiday well into my adulthood.

I’ve been in the spooky spirit since mid-September, so I’m very excited to share why I love Halloween as much as I do. Once you’ve scrolled through my top 10 list, make sure you add the reasons you love Halloween in the comments below!

1. Tempting Treats

Traditional snack for Halloween healthy and delicious party snacking top view

No bones about it, a Halloween-themed spread at a party is simply to die for!

2. Trick-or-Treating

Parent Taking Children Trick Or Treating At Halloween

Sharing an idle threat in demand of candy might be a strange tradition, but it has a delicious outcome!

3. The Creepy Concoctions

Tasty cocktail with decor for Halloween, on blurred background

This one is for the adults who go to Halloween parties “for the boos” — I know I’m one!

4. The Animal Costumes

dog sit as a ghost for halloween in front of the door at home entrance with pumpkin lantern or light scary and spooky

Whether they’re wearing a costume with hatred or indifference, most pets know if they endure it for one picture, they’ll get a treat themselves.

5. The Crisp Fall Weather

Conceptual hipster style image of legs in boots, trendy gumshoes on background of autumn leaves. Feet shoes walking in fall season nature

Trick-or-treating isn’t complete without the sound of leaves crunching underfoot.

6. Watching Scary Movies

Teenage girls watching horror movie with popcorn

Grab the popcorn and try not to scream!

7. Carving Pumpkins

Halloween jack-o-lantern pumpkins on ground with brown autumn leaves

Anything involving knives and fire is fun. (With adult supervision, of course!)

8. Haunted Houses

big old abandoned house ruin in transylvania

As long as it’s not too freaky, I’m there!

9. Halloween Music

Group of happy young friends with costumes and atrezzo having a funny hands dance on a outdoors party. Friendship and celebrations concept.

From the “Monster Mash” to “Thriller,” Halloween hits always get people moving.

10. The Memories It Creates

Children wearing black and orange witch costumes with hats playing with pumpkin and spider in autumn Park on Halloween. Kids trick or treat. Boy and girl carving pumpkins.

Halloween festivities allow family and friends to get together and have fun, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

Do you agree with my list? Why is Halloween special to you? I’d love to hear in the comments below, and please share this post to share a Halloween treat with your friends!

If you’d like to discover some treats that you’ll enjoy throughout the year, make sure to visit The Bradford Exchange Online and stay for a spell! Thanks for reading!

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