5 Times Precious Moments Said It Best

What makes the best memories? More often than not, they are created when you spend time with the ones you love. Time passes, life goes on, but what you felt in these moments stays with you forever.

Memories are a wonderful thing to have, and Precious Moments® figurines certainly make great reminders of the love you hold dear! Scroll down to see 5 Precious Moments treasures from The Bradford Exchange that perfectly capture “the little things” that mean the most.

1. “Granddaughter, I Love You To the Moon And Back”

The love between a grandma and her granddaughter is written in the stars! The hand-set Swarovski® crystal stars really make this sweet figurine shine.

Granddaughter, I Love You To The Moon And Back Figurine

2. “Our Love is a Grand Slam”

What’s better than your favorite baseball team winning a game? Having your sweetie right by your side! Personalize this figurine with your names for FREE!

Our Love Is A Grand Slam Cubs Personalized Figurine

3. “You Took a Pizza My Heart”

Some may think that a pizza pun is too cheesy, but there’s no denying this figurine perfectly captures a slice of life!

Precious Moments You Took A Pizza My Heart Figurine

4. “On Angel’s Wings You Were Taken, But In My Heart You’ll Stay”

Out of sight never means out of mind. This angelic messenger shares comfort and support in a heartfelt way.

Precious Moments Heaven's Embrace Figurine

5. “Home Is Where My Cats Are”

Our feline friends make the most purr-fect companions — and beloved members of our family! This figurine is extra special because we proudly support the ASPCA’s mission to save lives!

Precious Moments Home Is Where My Cats Are Figurine

What’s a favorite memory of yours? Visit The Bradford Exchange to see if there’s a Precious Moments figurine that celebrates it!

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3 comments On 5 Times Precious Moments Said It Best

  • Nice these moments look really precious. Thanks for sharing! Keep sharing like this.

  • Some of these gifts have a little bit of an “inside joke” aspect to them. My wife and I love pizza. We order it almost every week and look forward to it with great anticipation. The pizza figurine above would make a perfect gift since we are a bit quirky about our love of this fine food. Thanks for sharing!

  • We lost our daughter Julie last year at the age of 32 to a blood clot that formed after she broke her leg tripping over a dog gate for two strays she took in. The little angel on the bench brought tears to my eyes and I have bought it because it looks just like Julie. Thank you to the creator. Nancy

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