The Mysteries of Ruby — July’s Birthstone

With its flaming crimson hues, ruby is one of the most evocative and mysterious of all of the gemstones. Its appeal has entranced people for centuries, which naturally resulted in a variety of myths surrounding it. Scroll down to learn 5 interesting tidbits about July’s birthstone:

1. “Pidgeon’s blood” is considered the ideal color for rubies.
Gemologists use this term to characterize the luminescent, fiery red of the most prized rubies. Not all rubies carry this distinction.

2. Rubies were used to protect against harm.
Warriors in ancient Burma, now Myanmar, believed that rubies protected them in battle… but only if they were inserted into the flesh.

3. Medieval Europeans believed rubies held special powers.
Rubies were worn to promote good health, wealth, wisdom and love. It is still closely associated with love and passion today, due to its alluring coloring.

4. Ruby is associated with royalty in many parts of the globe.
Since the thirteenth century, ruby has been the primary stone used in coronation rings for the sovereigns of England. Called “ratnaraj” in ancient Sanskrit writings, which means “King of Stones,” ancient Hindus believed that if you gave rubies as an offering to Krishna, you would be royal in your next life.

5. Rubies are closely related to sapphire.
We all know that red is the primary color in rubies, but each ruby has secondary hues like pink, purple and orange. In order for it to be considered a true ruby, its coloring has to be made up of at least 51% red. Otherwise, it is considered a sapphire.

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of rubies? What is your favorite gemstone? I’d love to connect with you in the comments!

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