5 Types of Personalized Gifts to Wow Them

December is here and that means it’s time to really start tackling that Christmas list! I have a big list of people that I buy for every year, and sometimes it can be tricky coming up with a meaningful Christmas gift that I know they’ll really cherish for years to come.

I’ve had years where I make all of my gifts by hand, and although they came from the heart, I’ve had one too many hot glue gun burns and sleepless nights to want to do it again. This got me thinking of other ways to add a personal touch to the Christmas gifts I give, and what better way to add a personal touch than to give a personalized gift!

The Bradford Exchange offers an amazing variety of
personalized Christmas gifts and the best part is, they’re all personalized for free! My favorite price.

Scroll down to 5 types of personalized Christmas gifts that will really impress your loved ones this year:

Personalized Jewelry

I just love the idea of giving a jewelry design that was made especially for the person who will wear it. And wear it they will! From “His and Hers” rings like what you see here, to pendant necklaces for Mom that celebrate everyone in her heart, don’t miss our stunning selection of personalized jewelry for him and personalized jewelry for her.

1. Camo Personalized Wedding Ring for Him

2. Camo Personalized Wedding and Engagement Ring for Her


Personalized Music Boxes

Not only do personalized music boxes let them know how much you love them whenever they admire it, it’ll put a song in their heart! Pro tip: put a little extra something inside the music box before you give it to them to really make them smile.

3. A Mother’s Love Heart-Shaped Music Box

4. Soul Mates Personalized Music Box

personalized music boxes

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Giving personalized Christmas ornaments is a surefire way to give them a gift they’ll enjoy every year. I still have ornaments that were given to me years ago and whenever I take it out of the box to hang on my tree, I take a moment to think about the person who gave it to me.

5. Granddaughter, I Love You Personalized Ornament

6. Loving Remembrance Personalized Ornament

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Personalized Welcome Signs

Personalized welcome signs share a one-of-a-kind welcome in any home and are sure to be a welcome Christmas gift as well! This is an especially good gift for the person who always ends up hosting for the holidays to celebrate their gracious ways!

7. Thomas Kinkade Family Blessings Personalized Cross

8. USMC Personalized Welcome Sign

Personalized Welcome Signs

Personalized Wall Decor

Art can be a very personal preference, but if you know your loved one’s taste, personalized wall decor can really put a smile on their face. Imagine making Dad the QB of his favorite NFL team or letting your husband know you’re wild for him in a unique way!

9. Going the Distance Steelers Personalized Wall Decor

10. True Companions Personalized Wall Decor

Personalized Wall Decor

I hope this list helped give you a few ideas on unique Christmas gifts to share joy. What type of personalized gift would you love to receive? Share in the comments below or better yet, share this post and drop a few hints!

Thanks for reading and make sure to visit The Bradford Exchange Online to discover all of our personalized Christmas gifts for everyone in your heart. Merry Christmas shopping!

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