How to Get on Santa’s Nice List

Elf On a Shelf Glitter Globe

Christmas is on its way! I just love this time of year — little lights twinkling from the trees, merry music playing everywhere, warm hearts and chilly nights. At The Bradford Exchange, we have been gearing up for this special season for months, carefully preparing unique Christmas gifts for everyone on your list, so I’ve been in the Christmas spirit for quite a while!

I have my Elf on the Shelf Glitter Globe on display in my home, and his cute little face reminds me that Santa is up in the North Pole creating his Naughty and Nice List as we speak! Think you might be on the Naughty List this year? There’s still some time to redeem yourself before Christmas if your heart’s in the right place!

Scroll down to see a few surefire ways to spread some holiday cheer and get you noticed by the Jolly Old Elf himself:

1. Donate to a charity (or charities) of your choice

2. Volunteer your time to someone in need

3. Call an old friend just to catch up

4. Get a group together to go caroling

5. Invite friends over for a Christmas cookie baking party

6. Smile at everyone you pass on the street

7. Buy coffee for the person behind you at the cafe

8. Send holiday treats or a Christmas card to your local police and fire department

9. Offer to decorate an elderly neighbor’s home for Christmas (and come back later to take it down)

10. Tell someone why you love them in a Christmas card

11. Bring in breakfast for everyone at work

12. Hold the door for someone who’s more than a few steps behind

13. Donate used books and clothing to charity

14. Leave a generous tip

15. Leave a treat for your mail carrier with a “thank you” note for their service

16. Lend an ear to someone who’s had a rough year

17. Leave some seeds out to feed the birds

18. Let a child you know pick a fun activity to do together

19. Make a gingerbread house for the squirrels

20. Give a friend a framed picture of the two of you

21. Participate in a church or community event

22. Commend a coworker in person on a job well done

23. Clip out coupons and leave them next to the item in the store

24. Write a poem (or a song!) about a special someone and perform it for them

25. Display a variety of Santa Claus collectibles in your home to show that you’re a huge fan!

There’s no better feeling than making someone else feel good, so I encourage you to try and do some of these acts of kindness throughout the year. Can you think of some other ways to get on Santa’s Nice List? I’d love to read them in the comments below. Thanks for reading and please share this post to share some holiday cheer!

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