21 Signs You’re On Santa’s Naughty List This Year

It’s the night before Christmas. The shopping is done. The presents are wrapped. Now comes the best part, when we get to kick up our feet and wait for Santa to come down the chimney. Unless, that is, you’ve been naughty this year. In that case, you better get baking, because it’s going to take some pretty delicious cookies to persuade Santa that you really do deserve those presents! But don’t worry, we all slip up once in a while, and I’m sure Santa will understand…and if he doesn’t, well, think of all the snowmen you can make with all that coal!

In the spirit of spreading Christmas cheer, here’s a list you’d better check twice (and share with your friends): 21 signs you’ve been naughty this year. I’m not telling how many I checked off, but let’s just say I’m putting out some extra cookies just in case!

You Might Be on Santa’s Naughty List If:

1. You have unpaid parking tickets.
2. You used the last of the toilet paper and didn’t replace the roll.
3. You texted while driving.
4. You blamed that weird smell on the dog.
5. You blamed anything on the dog.
6. You took up two parking spaces. On purpose.
7. You said you were too busy to help your friends with their move, but really you just sat home and watched reality television.
8. You spoiled the end of a movie or book for someone.
9. You bribed your children just so they’d stop singing “Let It Go”
10. You came in sick to work and gave everyone the flu.
11. You posted a totally embarrassing baby picture of your teenager on social media.
12. You showed up to a potluck empty-handed.
13. You made your cat wear that elf costume that makes her look like a garden gnome – and you know green is SO not her color.
14. You answered the question “How do I look, honey?” with anything other than “Sensational, darling! Never better!”
15. You took out your cell phone at the dinner table.
16. You took the last granola bar and left the empty box in the cupboard.
17. You “forgot” to call your mother back.
18. You made plans on a Sunday. During football season.
19. You double-dipped at the holiday party.
20. You “accidentally” spent your entire Christmas fund on gifts for yourself.
21. You re-gifted the scarf Grandma gave you last year. You know, the one she knit herself.

So what’s the verdict: have you been naughty or nice, or a little of both? No matter which list you’re on, I hope you have a very happy and safe holiday with your loved ones. And if you don’t get everything you wanted, you’d better not pout, because we have plenty of ways to treat yourself – fine jewelry, designer handbags, NFL collectibles, personalized gifts, and much, much more. So have a wonderful Christmas, and come back soon – there’s a lot to look forward to in the New Year!

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