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Walter Kole

About Walter Kole

Walter Kole

About Walter J. Kole:
Chief Numismatist for The Bradford Exchange Mint.
Experienced in numismatic and philatelic areas of collecting for more than 25 years.
Member of the American Numismatic Association.

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Coin-versations by The Bradford Exchange Mint — Four Questions for 38th Director of the U.S. Mint, Edmund C. Moy

By On February 22, 2019

Hello everyone, we’d like to welcome you to the inaugural post of our newly-minted “Coin-versations” blog. It’s a great time to take a fresh look at coin collecting, and as a special… Read More


5 Unexpected Ways Coins Can Make Holiday History

By On December 4, 2018

Every year, it seems to happen almost overnight. Suddenly, summer is just a memory, and holiday music and decorations are popping up everywhere. Yet, your search for the perfect gift for that… Read More


9 Great Ways to Salute Our Heroes on Veterans Day

By On November 8, 2018

Veterans Day is a great time to remember, honor and salute the service of all our Veterans. It began as a recognition of those who had served in World War I, recalling… Read More

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