POW! BATMAN Tributes That Pack a Punch

Premiering on January 12, 1966, the iconic 1960s TV show BATMAN delighted fans for 3 seasons with its tongue-in-cheek style, unforgettable theme music and a contemptible cast of villains. And who could forget BATMAN and ROBIN themselves, portrayed by Adam West and Burt Ward!

Get on your BATSUIT and gear up for four officially licensed BATMAN collectibles from The Bradford Exchange that celebrate this DYNAMIC DUO and their crime fighting charisma in unforgettable style.


Every fan remembers that catchphrase, and this collectible sculpture perfectly captures the action-packed excitement that followed with lights and music! Fun Fact: BATMAN and ROBIN always buckled up before they drove the BATMOBILE, after a request from the National Safety Council to set a good example for the young viewers.

BATMAN Classic TV Series BATMOBILE Sculpture

Pictured: BATMAN Classic TV Series BATMOBILE Sculpture

“Same BAT Time…”

It’s easy to celebrate BATMAN every minute with this wall clock, designed in the shape of the BATMOBILE and featuring full-color artwork of the CAPED CRUSADERS on the clock face. Plus, at the top of every hour, music plays as the headlights and tail lights turn on!


Pictured: BATMAN BATMOBILE Wall Clock


There’s no doubt that BATMAN and ROBIN made an impact on their audience — and their villains when it was time to fight! This thrilling figurine collection highlights different heroes and villains from the show and recreates memorable set decor like the BATCOMPUTER that lights up. It’s sure to be a hit in any home!

Batman Classic TV Series Figurine Collection

Pictured: BATMAN Classic TV Series Figurine Collection


Armed with both wit and brawn, BATMAN was always ready for run-ins with GOTHAM CITY’s most cunning villains. This portrait figure is poised for action with his trusty BATARANG and wears an authentic fabric BATSUIT just like the one in the show.

BATMAN Portrait Figure

Pictured: BATMAN Portrait Figure

Loved these BATMAN tributes? There are more BATMAN collectibles available at The Bradford Exchange Online, so make sure to check out our entire selection. What are your favorite BATMAN moments from the show? Favorite villains? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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