Christmas in July: Our Top 5 Decorating Picks (Updated 2023)

Every year around the midway point, as families enjoy much-needed vacations, and beach season is in full swing, we are reminded that Christmas is nigh. It might seem a strange juxtaposition to imagine jolly Ol’ St. Nick and his elves chilling out with tropical libations in the middle of summer, but Christmas in July has become a beloved tradition.

While this annual occasion is sometimes welcomed with hosting Christmas parties, baking cookies, listening to holiday carols, watching classic Christmas movies and even setting up a Christmas tree on the beach, everyone has their own special way of celebrating. The motivation behind Christmas in July was to encourage and promote the joy of the holiday spirit smack dab in the middle of the year. It’s almost like having 2 Christmases to look forward to!

But there is another reason why Christmas in July is so awesome. Its festive prompt gives us an opportunity to maximize our holiday decorating plans. Preparing to have the kind of home that will impress, inspire and elate our family and guests takes time, which makes July an ideal starting point. Plus, when you’re shopping for Christmas decorations, when do you think would be the optimal time: in December when everyone is scrambling at the last minute, or in July when it’s still early enough to take advantage of the best selection?

We thought Christmas in July would be the perfect opportunity for the Gift Advisors from The Bradford Exchange to draft a list of some of our favorite ways to decorate for the holidays. We have such a wide selection of Christmas decorations, making your home stand out could be just a few clicks away – especially if you plan early. To get you started on all the special things Santa and his elves have been working on, please enjoy Our Top 5 Decorating Picks for Christmas in July.

Sparkle of the Season Table Centerpiece Collection

Sparkle Of The Season Table Centerpiece Collection

Bring peace, love and joy to your dining room table, mantel or side table with this collection inspired by the art of famed painter Thomas Kinkade. Fully sculpted villages are nestled in “snow” within these ornate metal lanterns, dramatically lit with floating light strands. Crowned with Always in Bloom® holiday bouquets, each one will brighten your home with the spirit of the season.

HARRY POTTER™ Village Collection

HARRY POTTER Village Collection

If you’re a HARRY POTTER™ fan, here’s a fantastical collection that you’re going to love (and imagine how impressed your holiday guests will be). It’s filled with fully sculpted village buildings inspired by HOGWARTS™ School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and other memorable locations, and each one lights up from the inside to create an enchanting glow. Handcrafted figurines are included with the collection so you can recreate your favorite scenes. Who doesn’t love HARRY POTTER for the holidays!

Budweiser® Holiday Express Train Collection

Budweiser Holiday Express Train Collection

When you see the famous Budweiser® Clydesdales trotting through the snow, you know Christmas is near. Now all the nostalgia of aniconic brand and the joy they bring to the holidays is showcased with this officially licensed HO-scale electric train collection. Full-color Clydesdale artwork and fully sculpted Budweiser logos with holiday motifs grace each car and the locomotive headlight glows as the train barrels down the track. Includes a free 16-piece track and power pack with the collection – a $100 value.

The Life of Christ Limoges Box Collection

The Life of Christ Limoges Box Collection

It was the very first Christmas that paved the way for the greatest story ever told, now beautifully captured with this Limoges box collection. From one of France’s most prestigious porcelain makers, these works of art depict the life of Christ, from the Nativity to his Ascension, and can be displayed on the custom 3-foot-tall metal cross. It’s sure to bring beauty, artistry and inspiration to your home during the holiday season and for years to come.

Disney So Good to Be Bad Ornament Collection

Disney So Good to Be Bad Ornament Collection

For Disney fans, we’ve found the perfect fit for your Christmas decorating plan, especially if you love your characters a little bit more naughty than nice. This bewitching collection of custom high heel shoe ornaments is inspired by the most famed film villainesses of all time. From Disney’s Maleficent and the Evil Queen to Ursula and Cruella, each handcrafted pair of two is sure to beguile your Christmas tree with hand-painted details and sparkling faux jewels. You won’t want to miss a single one!

Feeling a little of that Christmas spirit? We certainly hope we could inspire some festive excitement as we look forward to the coming 2023 holiday season.We also wanted to remind you that all our recommendations above are collections that are set up with our convenient subscription plans, so shopping now ensures that you’ll have so much more to show off when December arrives. We wish you the best of luck with all your decorating plans and a very merry Christmas in July to you and your family.

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The Gift Advisors @The Bradford Exchange are thrilled to help you discover a wealth of artistic treasures, all of which began with passion. Whether you are looking for that perfect personalized gift or a unique collection for yourself, we are driven to make your shopping experience as joyful as possible and hope you are surprised and delighted with what you find. Thank you for your continued support.

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