Father’s Day Gifts for 8 Kinds of Dads

Now that Mother’s Day is over, it’s time to focus on Dad! Father’s Day will be here before you know it, so I wanted to take this opportunity to share all of the amazing Father’s Day Gifts available from The Bradford Exchange Online.

From looking at how my dad raised me and my brothers, to how my brothers are raising their children, I know firsthand that there are all kinds of dads out there. And they all deserve heartfelt recognition for everything they do!

Scroll down to see my top picks of Father’s Day gifts for 8 kinds of dads:

1. The Sporty Dad

He raised you to like the same teams that he does, have the same game day rituals and showed you what kind of snacks make game day extra sweet (or salty, of course.) A Father’s Day gift that celebrates those moments you’ve spent together is sure to be #1 in his book.

Top Left: #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Zippo® Lighter Collection

Top Right: 2016 World Series Champions Chicago Cubs™ Men’s Watch

Bottom: Dallas Cowboys Decanter Set

2. The Sentimental Dad

He may not show it all the time, but this kind of dad is a big softie. You’ve seen him beaming with pride whenever you accomplish your goals, and maybe holding back a tear or two when you make him watch a sappy movie with you. A personalized gift is sure to mean the world to him and all of our personalized gifts are personalized for free!


Top Left: Optimum Personalized Men’s Bracelet

Top Right: Personalized Cuff Links and Money Clip Men’s Accessory Set

Bottom Left: Our Forever Love Personalized Ring

Bottom Right: Today, Tomorrow, Always Father Personalized Diamond Bracelet

3. The “Cool” Dad

Every dad thinks he’s the “cool” dad. My dad definitely thinks he’s cool every time he rides his tiny motor scooter down the block while wearing a Harley Davidson shirt. Whether your dad is like mine or actually cool (sorry, Dad), these Father’s Day gifts are sure to get a double “thumbs up” and a nod of approval.


Top Left: Sons of Anarchy Stein

Top Right: A Century of American Thunder Zippo® Lighter Collection

Bottom: KISS Destroyer Figurine Collection

4. The Patriotic Dad

Whether he’s a veteran or just has a deep respect for our forefathers, giving Dad a Father’s Day gift that celebrates the country he loves is a memorable way to salute all he’s done for you. And, if you give one of these gifts to him for Father’s Day, he’ll really be able to show it off on the Fourth of July!


Top Left: Because of the Brave Men’s Hoodie

Top Right: Navy Values Stein

Bottom Left: God Bless America Pendant Necklace

Bottom Right: USMC Personalized Tote Bag

5. The Sci-Fi Dad

My best friend’s dad raised her to be well versed in Star Wars from a very young age, so when it became the “cool” thing to like among her peers, she was already lightyears ahead of them. Giving one of these gifts for Father’s Day will let the sci-fi Dad in your life know that he’s out-of-this-world awesome!


Left: Jedi Master Yoda Desk Lamp

Top Right: Alien® Zippo® Lighter Collection

Bottom Right: STAR TREK Stein

6. The Spiritual Dad

If Dad has guided you through life with God guiding him, a religious Father’s Day gift serves as an uplifting reminder that he is one of the main sources of inspiration to you. He’s sure to love wearing one of these fine jewelry designs, and all of our fine jewelry designs arrive in a custom gift box, perfect for gift giving and safekeeping.


Top Left: Celtic Inspiration Pendant Necklace

Top Right: Faith Can Move Mountains Diamond Ring

Bottom: The Triumph of St. Michael Bracelet

7. The Hobbyist Dad

Whenever my dad thought I had watched enough TV that day, he’d tell me to “get a hobby” and that was my cue to turn it off. Whether your Dad already has a hobby like coin collecting and model trains, or “needs” to get one, one of these Father’s Day gifts certainly might pique his interest.


Top Left: The All-New U.S. $2 Statehood Bills Currency Collection

Top Right: The Crusader of Valor Ring

Bottom: The Beatles Express Train Collection

8. The Outdoorsy Dad

Whenever I call my brother, he always seems to be getting ready for a hike with his sons, currently on a hike with them, or just returning from one. I’m sure that an outdoorsy dad like him would love a Father’s Day gift that brings the wonder of nature indoors, or one that showcases his love for the great outdoors wherever he goes!


Top Left: Your Strength Will Carry You Anywhere Sculpture

Top Right: Gone Fishing Ring

Bottom Left: 10-Point Buck Men’s Wallet

Bottom Right: 10-Point Buck Men’s Hoodie

I hope something caught your eye from my list and remember, these are just a few of the unforgettable Father’s Day gifts to discover at The Bradford Exchange Online, so don’t wait to find the perfect treasure that shares your love.

Who are you shopping for this Father’s Day? Just your dad or all of the fathers you know? What kind of dad are they? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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