What Does Your Engagement Ring Say About You?

What Does Your Engagement Ring Say About You?

The tradition of engagement rings dates back to ancient Roman times, but the bit of “bling” that we love so much didn’t become a trend until 1477, when Mary of Burgundy was given a diamond ring upon her betrothal to the Archduke Maximillian of Austria. Way to go, Maximillian!

A sparkling symbol of shared love and devotion, an engagement ring means so much to the couple that it celebrates, especially the lucky lady who gets to wear it every day. Many women have an engagement ring that reflects their personal style, or an heirloom ring that has been passed down throughout the generations, but did you know that the cut of a gemstone holds a secret meaning?

Scroll down to see what your engagement ring says about you:

Asscher Cut

THE LOOK: Created by Joseph Asscher for King Edward VII, this cut features angular corners and rectangular facets that appear to descend into the stone.

THE MEANING: You’re a lady who exudes class and refinement in everything you do, and you have an air of mystery about you.

Pictured: Hollywood Royalty Ring

Hollywood Royalty Ring

Cushion Cut

THE LOOK: With rounded corners and curved sides, this cut is aptly named for its soft and pillowy appearance.

THE MEANING: You appreciate tradition, but aren’t afraid to break the rules every once in a while.

Pictured: Rare Sunrise Ring

Rare Sunrise Ring

Emerald Cut

THE LOOK: Inspired by the Asscher cut, this cut features less facets than many others, which reveals the stone’s clarity and invites the admirer to get lost in its depth.

THE MEANING: You are confident in who you are, enjoy adventure, and people you meet are compelled to know more about you.

Pictured: A-List Celebrity Ring

A-List Celebrity Ring

Heart Cut

THE LOOK: Just as the name implies, this cut takes the form of a classic heart shape with facets that allow the stone to sparkle with love.

THE MEANING: You are a true romantic, sentimental and one who chases their dreams.

Pictured: Love at First Sight Ring

Love at First Sight Ring

Marquise Cut

THE LOOK: Stones with this cut appear to look larger than they are and also elongate the finger of the wearer.

THE MEANING: You are effortlessly bold with a flair for drama, and don’t mind turning heads with what you say and what you wear.

Pictured: Bob Mackie Art Deco Diamonesk Ring

Bob Mackie Art Deco Diamonesk Ring

Oval Cut

THE LOOK: Developed in the early 1960s, this cut is a modern take on a classic shape, featuring the gorgeous sparkle of a round-cut diamond with a little extra “oomph.”

THE MEANING: You are creative, enjoy taking risks and people look to you see what’s in style.

Pictured: Elegance Aquamarine & Diamond Ring

Elegance Aquamarine & Diamond Ring

Pear Cut

THE LOOK: Featuring a tear-drop shape, this cut boasts the fire and beauty of an oval cut with the drama of a marquise cut.

THE MEANING: You play by your own rules and while you are natural leader in every situation, you guide others with grace and humility.

Pictured: Jackie’s Beauty Ring

Jackie's Beauty Ring

Princess Cut

THE LOOK: Also known as the square cut, this cut is a traditional choice, but demands attention with its many facets.

THE MEANING: You are feminine and love to be pampered by your significant other — and rightfully so!

Pictured: Princess Personalized Bridal Ring Set

Princess Personalized Bridal Ring Set

Radiant Cut

THE LOOK: This dazzling cut boasts the outer lines of the emerald cut and the triangular facets of a round cut for a truly dazzling effect.

THE MEANING: Your personality sparkles as much as your ring and you have a flair for fashion and flirtation.

Pictured: Reflections Ring

Reflections Ring

Round Cut

THE LOOK: The most popular of all of the cuts, the round (or brilliant) cut is also the one that sparkles the most due to its 58 facets.

THE MEANING: You are honest, loyal and love following time-honored traditions as well as making new ones.

Pictured: Blush of Romance Personalized Ring

Blush of Romance Personalized Ring

What kind of engagement ring do you have? Do you relate to the meaning behind the cut of your stone? I’d love to connect with you in the comments!

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