5 Gorgeous Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Rings

I like diamonds as much as the next girl. They’re timeless, elegant and deeply romantic, and I don’t know a woman who’d turn one down. But they’re not always a realistic option for those of us who are on a budget (or who’d rather put the money towards a fabulous reception or dream honeymoon). You’ll be happy to know that non-traditional engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular, which means there are plenty of alternatives out there. To prove to you how timeless, elegant and deeply romantic a non-diamond engagement ring can be, I’ve selected 5 of my personal favorites to share with you.

A note before we begin: I know that some people can be skittish about choosing an engagement ring online, and I totally get that. It’s a big investment, and you want to make sure it’s right before you commit. Let me put you at ease. The rings featured here — and all the wedding and engagement rings on our site — are each backed by a 120-day money back guarantee, even the personalized ones. Plus, for many personalized designs, you can see what your personalization will look like on our site before you buy. And, best of all, you can pay for each one in several easy, interest-free installments. Feel better? Good. Let’s get to the fun stuff!

1.This personalized Diamonesk® bridal set:

personalized Diamonesk® bridal set

For starters, let me tell you about Diamonesk®. These simulated diamonds are exclusive to The Bradford Exchange, and boy, do they sparkle! I was a skeptic myself, until I saw them in person. And I am not exaggerating when I say they are every bit as brilliant and impressive as the real thing. And at a fraction of the price, they’re basically a dream come true.

This A Love Like No Other Personalized Bridal Ring Set is especially wonderful because you can choose from 5 dramatic settings, 5 stunning stones and 2 elegant wedding bands to create the perfect bridal set for her. And, oh yeah, you can personalize the bands with your names, a romantic message, or literally anything you can fit into 20 characters. All that, and you’ll still have money left over for the honeymoon!

2. This sensational stacking ring:

personalized romantic ring

White topaz is a spectacular alternative to white diamonds, especially when showcased on a ring as exquisite as this Love Completes Us Personalized Ring. What I love about this design, besides the option to personalize it with your names, is that it’s actually two rings in one. The bands stack together to form a sparkling union. The top ring is beautiful enough to stand on its own, so you could even save the bottom ring for your wedding day. A promise for today, a promise for all your tomorrows to come — how romantic is that!

3. This open-heart Alfred Durante white topaz designer ring:

alfred durante personalized ring

As a former Cartier designer whose designs have been worn by A-list celebrities and Hollywood legends, Alfred Durante clearly understands the importance of making a statement. So when I tell you that he designed this One Love Personalized Ring, you know it’s worthy of your beautiful bride. Just look at the intricate gallery work — row upon row of sterling silver open hearts leading to a breathtaking white topaz centerpiece. If that doesn’t say romance, I don’t know what does! Personalized engraving inside the band adds a nice touch, too.

4. This celestial celebration of true love:

romantic white topaz personalized ring

You know that feeling you get when you’re with the one you love, and everything around you seems to shimmer with a glow only you can see? Well this Written in the Stars Personalized Ring reminds me of that feeling, that mysterious power love has to reveal the sublime in our otherwise ordinary lives. At first glance, the white topaz centerpiece is dazzling, sure. But look closer, and you’ll notice what makes it extraordinary: a 5-point star that looks like it’s “floating” inside the stone. Add your engraved names, plus the romantic engraving inside the band, and you have an engagement ring that’s positively enchanting.

5. This divinely-inspired symbol of perfection:

personalized diamonesk ring

Speaking of heavenly inspiration, this Love’s Perfection Diamonesk® Personalized Ring has it in spades. Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s premise of divine proportions, the center stone features 62 facets that create a perfect star. At nearly 5 carats, it’s enough to take any girl’s breath away!

Did you (or your wife) say, “I do!” to a non-diamond engagement ring? I’d love to hear your stories, as well as your thoughts about these rings. Drop me a line in the comments below, and please, share the list with your friends!

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