How Do I Care for My Jewelry?

There’s nothing like a good piece of jewelry to complete an outfit. From costume jewelry to heirloom pieces, jewelry makes a statement about your personal style that clothes alone can’t convey. Sometimes however, people avoid wearing their “good stuff” for fear of it losing its luster. If you happen to be one of those people — I’m here to help!

If you take proper care of your fine jewelry, it will look stunning every time you wear it for years to come. Scroll down to learn some tips on how to keep your jewelry looking its best:

Wearing and Storing Your Jewelry

  • Put your jewelry on after you use hair spray, body lotions, oils or perfume
  • Don’t swim, bathe or exercise while wearing your jewelry
  • Carefully wipe your jewelry with a soft cotton cloth after each wearing
  • Make sure your jewelry is dry before you put it away
  • Store each piece of jewelry separately, ideally in a tarnish-resistant bag

Cleaning Your Jewelry

  • Clean your jewelry with a solution of mild dish soap in warm water and use a soft jewelry brush
  • Never use toothpaste or other abrasive substances
  • To minimize tarnishing, do not expose your jewelry to household cleaning products, especially chlorine bleach

If you follow these simple steps for caring for your fine jewelry, you’ll be rewarded with years of wear. And, if you have any heirloom-quality jewelry items that you’d like to pass down to future generations, you’ll be able to give them a gift that gleams as much as your love — after you’ve worn it yourself! It’s time to put on your “good stuff” and have a little fun!

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3 comments On How Do I Care for My Jewelry?

  • Great instructions. What happens is the stainless steel necklace gets wet. It says not to swim, bathe, etc but also says how to clean it with water. Am I understanding this correctly? Thx

  • Great Guide! Thanks a lot for sharing this post. I found this post very helpful. Thanks and keep sharing.

  • I like that you pointed out that we must take care of the jewelry so that it will remain stunning every time we wear it in the future. I will keep that in mind now that I plan to buy myself a bracelet. This is to reward myself due to working hard especially that I am a single mom with two kids. This will ensure that it will last for a long time.

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