How Do I Determine My Ring Size?

Remember all the way back in 2019 when we used to walk right into the jewelry store or the department store to shop for rings? There was always plenty of help with selecting the rings and trying them on, in our search for the perfect band. Seems like those days were so long ago. Hopefully, we can look forward to the convenience of in-person shopping very soon. In the meantime, the search for the perfect women’s rings and men’s rings continues.

In fact, ring shopping has never slowed down. Do you know how easy it is to find a ring online that’s a perfect fit? Even if you don’t know your ring size, there is plenty of help available. That’s why we’ve put together this convenient guide to help you determine your ring size. All you have to do is open our Ring Sizer Guide, print out the guide, and then follow the coordinating steps below to figure out your size.

Make Sure You Are Printing the Guide at the Correct Size

1. Scaling Options

Once you have the Ring Sizer Guide open, check your printer settings. The option for scaling should be set to “none” or “no page scaling” before you print the page.

2. Ruler Confirmation

After you have printed out the guide, use a ruler to measure the bold 2-inch line at the top of the page. Confirm the measurements are the same. If the measurement is off, double-check that you are printing the guide at full size on your printer. Make any necessary corrections and repeat until correct

Measure a Ring that Fits Comfortably

1. Select a Ring for Comparison

Find one of your own rings that has a very comfortable fit. A simple band works best for accurate measuring. If you are shopping for a gift for someone in your household, try to find one of the rings you see them wear frequently.

2. Right or Left Hand?

Did you know that the same finger can wear a different size ring, depending on which hand it’s on? Typically, ring sizes are a half size larger for the dominant hand. So, make sure you are measuring for the correct hand on which the ring will actually be worn.

3. Use the Size Chart

At the bottom of the Ring Sizer Guide is a size chart of men’s and women’s ring sizes 4 to 15, including half sizes. Place your ring on the chart, matching the outer edges of the circles with the inside edge of the ring. The correct size circle should appear right against the inside edge of the ring. Remember that men’s and women’s ring sizes are all the same.

4. One Final Tip

If your ring falls between two sizes, order the next size up. This will ensure a more comfortable fit.

Hopefully, you’ve found this guide useful. We know there are a lot of options to consider when purchasing a new ring for yourself or for a gift. Figuring out the right ring size should be something you don’t even have to think about. Now that you know yours, you can focus on all of the fun and significant things like style, stone selection, and materials. Happy ring shopping to you!

Do You Have A Printable PDF Ring Size Guide?

Yes, we do! Our printable PDF ring size guide is a more accurate way to get a proper measurement.

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