How to Become Mom’s Favorite

My mother always said, as I’m sure many mothers out there say, that she “loved us all equally.” We all know what that means. She’s either lying to spare the feelings of your siblings…or spare YOURS. (The horror!)

As the youngest of three and the only daughter in the family, I was born to be the favorite child. It is the only reality I’ve ever known, but I realize that the title of Favorite Child doesn’t come as easily for some.

If you’re hoping to solidify your title as the Favorite Child, or perhaps take it away from one of your siblings, Mother’s Day is the perfect day to claim the glory. Scroll down to see 5 tactics you can try this year to get you major Favorite Child points.

Tactic 1: Dazzle Her

A nice card or a macaroni necklace from the grandkids can be a heartwarming gesture, but giving Mom a stunner like this for Mother’s Day is sure to leave a more lasting impression. Plus, she’ll think of you every time she wears it.

Pictured: My Family, My Heart, My Joy Diamond Ring

Tactic 2: Give Her a Hassle-Free Gift
What’s better than a fresh bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day? A bouquet that she can enjoy all year — and not have to water! With silky soft lilies, cherry blossoms, delphiniums and more, this beautiful centerpiece is an easy and beautiful way to spruce up her surroundings.

Pictured: Monet’s Artistic Impressions Table Centerpiece

Tactic 3: Make Her Swoon
If your mom loves Elvis as much as mine, this handbag is a great way to make her forget about all the other Mother’s Day gifts she receives. And, if your one of your siblings mentions they wish they’d thought of it first, tell them that they can check into the Heartbreak Hotel.

Pictured: Burning Love Handbag

Tactic 4: Celebrate Her Actual Favorite “Child”
I know plenty of moms whose fur babies have become their world after their actual children leave the nest. With over 30 breeds available, I’m paw-sitive this tote would thrill each of them this Mother’s Day. Hey, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

Pictured: Paw Prints on My Heart Dog Tote Bag

Tactic 5: Celebrate All of Her Kids, and Reap the Benefits
This personalized bracelet showcases the engraved names and Swarovski crystals of up to 10 of Mom’s loved ones. She is sure to sing your praises at how considerate you are to include all of her children in one gift. (Plus, all of our personalized jewelry is personalized for FREE. Considerate and careful with your money? Is there anything you can’t do?!)

Pictured: The Strength of Family Personalized Bracelet

Thanks for reading! Are you the favorite child? What do you do to win Mom over? What would Mom (or you) love from this list? Connect with me in the comments! And, make sure to visit The Bradford Exchange Online to see our entire selection of Mother’s Day Gifts.

Good luck on your quest for Favorite Child status, and please share this post! (Mothers love it when their kids share nicely.)

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