How to Celebrate International Dog Day with Your Furry Friend

We’ve all heard of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, even Children’s Day. But what about a day to honor our furry four-legged friends? An occasion for our beloved canines to rule the roost once and for all? If you’re a pet parent, perhaps you’re saying, “my dog already rules the roost,” and that is certainly fair. But you might be interested to learn that there IS a special day set aside for our pups. And it is recognized across our diverse planet of pets every year.

According to research done by the American Pet Products Association in 2023, 66%; of U.S. households own a pet. Dogs are clearly the most popular, taking up residence in a total of 65.1 million homes. That’s a lot of chew toys and belly rubs! It’s also why it’s exciting news that on Saturday, August 26, 2023, we will be celebrating International Dog Day. This annual event is a moment to recognize dogs around the world as man’s (and woman’s) best friend and to show our appreciation for all the love and joy they share with us.

Maybe this is the first time you are hearing about this canine-centric occasion. No worries at all because that’s exactly what today’s post is all about How to Celebrate International Dog Day with Your Furry Friend.

Activities for International Dog Day

If you have a dog, you know they typically never want to leave your side. And one of the best things you can do for your precious pup is to spend time with them. That’s certainly true every day but it’s especially true on International Dog Day. Now, let us share a few of our favorite ideas to get you started.

1. Walks, Runs or Hikes – take them along and spread the exercise enjoyment around. It has plenty of health benefits to both of you.

2. Playdates with Other Dogs – whether it’s at a dog park or with some rousing one-on-one time, don’t forget that puppies love the companionship of other dogs almost as much as being with their humans.

3. Doggie Sports – activities like obstacle courses you can easily set up for your dog to run through, playing a rousing game of fetch (or catch) or even hide-and-seek adds an element of challenge that your pup will appreciate.

4. Dog Friendly Destinations – take a trip to the beach, a park or forest trails or even a restaurant for the day. Chances are they’ll love the journey in the car just as much as the destination.

A Doggie-Devoted Gift for the Occasion

Wouldn’t it be fun to surprise your furball family member by giving them a special gift for International Dog Day? They might not know why they are so lucky to get a present from you on a seemingly random day in August, but you will, and any chance to spoil our dogs is bone-a-fide great idea. After all, most of them have come to expect it, right?

One paw-fect idea is to personalize a new dog collar and tag set offered at The Bradford Exchange Checks, an affiliated company of The Bradford Exchange. They offer over 40 exclusive designs and are available in 3 sizes. It’s a nice way to ensure their safety and security and a stylish treat as well!

Popular Treats for Your Pup

Speaking of treats… we all know how much dogs like to eat. Especially if it’s something sweet or beyond the usual dog food. Table scraps are something that no dog will usually turn away, but what if you really did it up for International Dog Day?

Unfortunately, our pups cannot enjoy the same luxurious desserts that we can, but there has been a surge of businesses spring up in the last few decades that cater only to our canines. There are doggie bakeries by the plenty, dog treats and desserts at your local grocery stores, and even doggie restaurants and breweries to be discovered. Can you imagine that: a pint of puppy beer? It’s true. If you don’t have a dog-only treat spot near you, you can always find plenty of recipes online to help you make delicious desserts that are dog friendly and won’t hurt their bellies. And almost all coffee shops these days offers a “pup cup” full of creamy whipped topping that all dogs go crazy for. An extra bone, dog biscuit (or two) can also be a celebration in itself.

Created Canine Moments that Last Forever

Gone are the days when we had to remember to take our camera with us in order to capture all those candid canine moments. Most all of us have that convenient ability built right into our phone now.

However, what you can do for the occasion of International Dog Day is to actually plan a doggie photo shoot. All you have to do is pick a location – inside and outside settings both offer creative ideas – pick a theme, gather up any props or costumes you might need and fetch the talent. And by “talent” we, of course, mean your precious pup.

Lights, cameras, action! Have fun with it and your dog will too. Get creative. You can even bring family and friends into the mix if you like. Snap as many photographs as you can. You’ll be delighted when you see how photogenic he or she is. In fact, they might just turn up as the star of the next masterpiece you frame and hang over the mantel. In the meantime, you can always post and tag your photos on social media with #InternationalDogDay so all of us can enjoy them too.

Great Gifts for Furball Moms and Dads

The Gift Advisors at The Bradford Exchange wanted to make sure the parents of our fun-loving furballs also got some attention for International Dog Day. That’s why we’ve put together a list of paw-some shopping ideas, giving you access to unique gifts for all of us whose doggies have stolen our heart.

1. Fine Jewelry for Dog Lovers

2. Dog-Themed Apparel and Accessories

3. Dog Lover Candles

4. Dog Tribute Sculptures

That wasn’t ruff at all, was it? As they say, “every dog will have its day,” and that’s exactly what International Dog Day is all about. We sincerely hope today’s post has made you excited about August 26 and all the potential fun and adventures you can have with your favorite furry friends. And remember, if you have some additional ideas, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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