Dog Days of Summer: 6 Wearable Ways to Celebrate Your Canine

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Welcome to the dog days of summer! If the heat is starting to get to you, imagine how your dog feels with all that fur! Then again, many dogs probably don’t care about the weather as long as their water bowl is full and they still get to go on their daily walk. (Walk? Did somebody say “walk!?”)

Many of my friends are dog owners, and they’ll be the first to tell you that their canine companions are truly their best friends. It doesn’t take much convincing (or any) to have them pull out their phones to show me the latest pictures of their “furry babies.” For you dog lovers out there, I’ve compiled a list of 6 treasures from The Bradford Exchange that celebrate your four-legged friend in unforgettable style, during the dog days of summer and all year!

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1. Sophistipups Bracelet

Sophistipups Bracelet

There’s no doubt that this bangle-style bracelet lets your love for your dog sparkle! Each end features a sculpted head and face of a perky puppy, adorned with genuine Swarovski® crystals to highlight the breed’s unique colorings. With engraved paw prints and sentiments, I think this fine jewelry design is doggone delightful!

2. Playful Pup Diamond Pendant Necklace

Playful Pup Diamond Pendant Necklace

I gave the Bichon Frise pendant to a family friend last Christmas, and she absolutely adored it! The sculpted pendant of your favorite breed is plated in sterling silver and hand-painted with enameled detailing, and the heart charm sparkles with a genuine diamond and engraved sentiment. Best of all, the playful pup is full of “wag and wiggle” — the legs and tail really move!

3. Best In Show Yorkie Ring

Yorkie Ring

This dazzling ring is a unique way to keep a reminder of your Yorkie close at hand! A sparkling pavé of crystals in shades of honey yellow, cocoa brown, clear and pink emulate the shades of a Yorkie’s coat, and I just love how this ring can stand upright on its tiny sculpted paws!

4. Loyal Companion Women’s Jacket

Loyal Companion Women's Jacket

The dog days of summer won’t last forever, so once the thermometer dips to cooler temperatures, this reversible jacket will be a paw-sitively perfect way to showcase your doggy devotion. It’s custom-crafted of cozy, cream-colored fleece on one side and beige microfiber on the reverse side, and the front of each side features a portrait of your chosen breed. Plus, three precious pups grace the back of the microfiber side, along with a sweet sentiment, to celebrate your pooch from every angle!

5. Playful Pups Women’s Shoes

Playful Pups Women's Shoes

It’s sure to be a walk in the park with these women’s sneakers! (Park? Did somebody say “park?!”) Paw prints and playful puppy portraits of your chosen breed from artists Linda Picken and Pollyanna Pickering grace these canvas shoes, and I love how the lace charms add a bit of puppy pizzazz to the look.

6. At Home In My Heart Tote Bag

At Home In My Heart Tote Bag

Isn’t this bag tote-ally adorable? If rescued is your breed of choice, you’ll be happy to know that this custom-designed dog lover tote bag is extra special, because The Bradford Exchange proudly supports the ASPCA’s mission to save animal lives.

If you liked what you saw here, keep in mind that The Bradford Exchange offers a fantastic selection of gifts for dog lovers as well as treasures to treat yourself. (Treat? Did someone say “treat!?”)

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