5 Lessons to Learn from I LOVE LUCY

Since its premiere in 1951, fans of “I LOVE LUCY” can’t get enough of that hilarious redhead! I loved watching reruns of the show as a child and if I ever come across it when I’m flipping channels, I still usually stop for a chuckle or two. Not only was Lucille Ball amazing in front of the camera, her involvement off screen led her to be one of the first and greatest female executives in Hollywood history. Funny, smart, talented, strong willed, she’s definitely a woman to look up to — and I do!

In honor of her birthday, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite I LOVE LUCY treasures from The Bradford Exchange Online and some of the lessons I’ve learned from the classic series. Scroll down to join me in celebrating the beloved show and the woman behind it all, Lucille Ball!

1. Always Be Your Charming Self

I LOVE LUCY Bracelet

Whenever Lucy told Ethel, “I have a plan,” you’d know you were in for some fun! No matter what trouble Lucy would get herself into, she’d be fine in the end because she knew it was hard to resist her wide-eyed charm. I find the charms on the I LOVE LUCY Bracelet hard to resist as well, featuring scenes from classic episodes and sparkling with Swarovski® crystals!

2. Make an Entrance to Remember

Lucy Stomping Grapes Portrait Doll

“Lucy, I’m home!” Whether Ricky was walking through the front door of his apartment or appearing on stage at the Tropicana, he knew how to make an entrance. This Ricky Ricardo Portrait Doll captures his show-stopping personality in a classic pose, as he wears a tuxedo and sculpted straw hat tipped over one eye. Plus, at the push of a button, it plays the “I LOVE LUCY” theme song, which will surely turn heads!

3. True Friends Can Help You Survive Sticky Situations

Precious Moments® Together We Can Handle Anything Figurine

As the Precious Moments® Together We Can Handle Anything Figurine so aptly and adorably conveys, it’s always less scary to tackle a problem with a friend by your side. And, if your problem happens to be having too much chocolate, let me know and I’ll be happy to help!

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New

Ricky Ricardo Portrait Doll

Trying something new may be a bit messy at first, but that’s what makes it fun! I just adore Lucy’s gung-ho pose in the Lucy Stomping Grapes Portrait Doll and just like Ricky in #2 on my list, it plays the “I LOVE LUCY” theme song at the push of a button. Every time I see this doll, I’m reminded that with a little effort, you can achieve anything you set your mind (or feet) to!

5. Open Your Home and Your Heart to Your Loved Ones

I LOVE LUCY Personalized Welcome Sign

Loyal friends and neighbors Fred and Ethel were always in and out of that Manhattan apartment, and the Ricardos wouldn’t have it any other way! The I LOVE LUCY Personalized Welcome Sign gives a warm invitation to everyone who visits to let the fun begin, featuring your family name below a montage of memorable “I LOVE LUCY” moments.

What lessons have you learned from “I LOVE LUCY?” I’d love to hear them in the comments below. Or, if you have a favorite episode to share, that’s great too!

And, if you liked what you saw here, make sure to visit The Bradford Exchange Online to see our entire selection of I LOVE LUCY treasures that are as unique as the lady who inspired them. Thanks for reading and please share this post to share your love for Lucy!

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