Bring The King Home: 7 Rockin’ Elvis Tributes

Bring The King Home: 7 Rockin' Elvis Tributes

Elvis, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. From his curled lip and slick black hair to his effortlessly cool swagger, Elvis Presley had a knack for electrifying audiences and charming fans into a frenzy everywhere he went. During Elvis’s first television appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show on September 9, 1956, the cameras were instructed to primarily film him above the waist in an attempt to censor his hip swiveling ways, but as we all know, that didn’t last for long!

Currently, we’re in the midst of Elvis Week, a week-long celebration in Memphis dedicated to this iconic performer. Thousands of fans gather in Graceland every year in August to pay homage to Elvis’s life and career with Elvis lookalike contests, movie screenings, concerts and the annual Elvis Presley 5K Run, Walk, Rock & Roll! Going to Memphis during Elvis Week is definitely on my bucket list, but since I can’t make it down this year, I thought I’d celebrate in my own way by compiling a list of my favorite Elvis tributes, available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange.

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1. Let Elvis Steal the Spotlight in Any Room

Elvis Presley: Golden Legend Lamp

If the gloriously gaudy Graceland was any indication, Elvis was all about flair, and the Elvis Presley: Golden Legend Lamp has just that. A sculptural Elvis on a “gold” record base that lights up? Check. An “ELVIS” marquee sparkling with golden glitter? Check. A lamp shade with his replica signature in gold, plus Elvis artwork and musical notes? Check. Check. Check. I can envision this looking great in a bedroom, office or, of course, Jungle Room!

2. Spend Every Christmas with Elvis

Elvis Rock 'n Roll Pre-Lit Tabletop Christmas Tree

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have any blue Christmases if I could spend them with Elvis! The Elvis Rock ‘n Roll Pre-Lit Tabletop Christmas Tree is a close second, featuring a sculpted Elvis in a Santa hat posed next to a pre-lit Christmas tree, complete with TCB® topper. To make things extra merry, it plays “Blue Christmas™” at the turn of a key. And, take a look at the gifts nestled under the tree — a hound dog, a teddy bear and blue suede shoes!

3. Enjoy Every Era of Elvis

Elvis 80th Anniversary Commemorative Collector Plate

It’s always hard for me to decide on my favorite Elvis era. With the Elvis 80th Anniversary Commemorative Collector Plate, I can enjoy Gold Lamé Tuxedo Elvis, as well as “Aloha from Hawaii” Elvis all at once! Showcasing a thrilling montage of 10 portraits of Elvis Presley at many stages of his illustrious career, this Heirloom Porcelain® tribute even gleams with a 22K gold outer band for a show-stopping celebration.

4. Celebrate The King Every Minute

The King of Rock 'N' Roll Women's Watch

Fans will agree, Elvis came around just in time! My Elvis-loving cousin wears The King of Rock ‘N’ Roll Women’s Watch with pride almost every day and it certainly gets noticed wherever she goes. Exciting Elvis portraits by acclaimed artists Nate Giorgio and Bruce Emmett grace the face and the cuff of this timely tribute, so you can enjoy that handsome face every minute!

5. Escape to a Rockin’ Retreat with Elvis

The Elvis Presley Bath Ensemble Accessories Set

If you told people that Elvis was in your bathroom, they might be “all shook up” until they realize you have The Elvis Presley Bath Ensemble Accessories Set. Then, they’ll shower you with compliments! Showcasing vibrantly recreated, full-color Elvis artwork by Bruce Emmet, Nate Giorgio and Morgan Weistling, I know this 6-piece accessory set would be a gold record hit in my home!

6. Let Your Love of Elvis Shine Brightly

Sparkling Salute to The King Figurine

Created in honor of his 80th birthday, the Sparkling Salute to The King Figurine is sure to steal the spotlight with 80 dazzling red, gold and blue genuine Swarovski® crystals. He could rock a jumpsuit with a cape like nobody else can, and this limited-edition tribute truly captures his larger-than-life persona from every angle.

7. Keep a Reminder of Elvis Close at Hand

Ultimate Elvis Charm Bracelet

The Ultimate Elvis Charm Bracelet features 22 enameled charms showcasing Elvis in his signature poses, 5 two-toned letter charms that spell his name and 10 meaningful symbols and icons — 37 charms in all! I think this fine jewelry design is such a delightful way to bring the spirit of Elvis with you wherever you go, especially if you’re going to Elvis Week at Graceland!

I can’t help falling in love with all of the rockin’ Elvis treasures on this list. Which one caught your eye? I’d love to hear your top picks in the comments. Remember, these are just a few of the Elvis tributes available at The Bradford Exchange Online, so don’t wait to visit our site to see our entire selection.

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