What’s Your Favorite Elvis Era?

Ask any Elvis fan you know, and they’ll likely have a favorite “Elvis era.” And, with a career spanning over two decades, there are plenty to choose from!

Elvis Aaron Presley was born on January 8, 1935 and in honor of his birthday, I’m highlighting 5 Elvis™ tributes from The Bradford Exchange that celebrate unforgettable moments in his career. What’s your favorite era of Elvis? Make sure to vote below!

“Blue Suede Shoes” Elvis

The first song on his debut album definitely got toes tapping. (Blue suede shoes recommended, but not required!) With his captivating stage presence and hip-shaking talent, Elvis was destined for stardom from the beginning.

Life of Elvis Presley™ Tribute Sculpture Collection

Pictured: Life of Elvis Presley™ Tribute Sculpture Collection

“Christmas” Elvis

Christmas was Elvis’s favorite time of year, and for me, it’s near impossible to have a “blue Christmas” when an Elvis record is playing in the background! Fun fact: Elvis always kept the decorations up through his birthday — a tradition still upheld at Graceland.

Elvis Rock 'N' Roll Pre-Lit Tabletop Christmas Tree

Pictured: Elvis® Rock ‘N’ Roll Pre-Lit Tabletop Christmas Tree

“’68 Comeback Special” Elvis

Elvis was known for his record-breaking concert performances, and his ’68 Comeback Special is definitely regarded as one of his most iconic. His black leather outfit, the intimate setting…what a night!

Elvis Presley's Riding With The King Sculpture

Pictured: Elvis Presley™’s Riding with The King Sculpture

“Las Vegas” Elvis

Speaking of live performances, who can forget his legendary Las Vegas tours of the 1970s! Wearing embellished jumpsuits that caught the light when he went on stage, there’s no doubt that his style was as memorable as his music.

Hip Shakin' Elvis® Pendant Necklace

Pictured: Hip Shakin’ Elvis® Pendant Necklace

Can’t decide?

If you’re anything like me, you might find it hard to pick just one era of Elvis as your favorite, which is why I’ve included this option. Why enjoy just one when you can enjoy them all?

Elvis Presley™ 40th Anniversary Commemorative Collector Plate

Pictured: Elvis Presley™ 40th Anniversary Commemorative Collector Plate

Now is the moment of truth, Elvis fans: cast your vote to see how your favorite era of Elvis compares to others!


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