Winter Ambience: Our Top 2024 Winter Decor Picks

Have you ordered your coffee extra hot recently?

Woken up to a slight chill in the morning air?

Have you seen any fluffy white flurries blow through your town?

Have you had to slip into a warmer sweater or jacket for your evening out?

Maybe you live in a typically colder climate and have already spotted your first snowman.

If you have, it can only mean one thing… Old Man Winter has officially blown into town. Especially for those of us who typically experience chillier months in December, January and February every year.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the arrival of winter is heralded by the winter solstice, which occurs on December 21 at 10:27 PM ET this year in 2023. Winter will be hanging around until March 19, 2024, and during those 3 brief months, there are so many splendid things to enjoy with family and friends. Though the weather can be a bit “frightful” at times, the beauty of winter is always “delightful”.

And there’s no better way to experience the joy of winter, without its chilling effects, than with home decor that captures the essence of the season. Winter-themed decor can infuse any living space with the comfy, cozy aesthetic of snowy wonderlands, frost-tipped forests, jolly snowmen, beautiful forever-lasting perennials and holiday treasures to get you ready for Christmas.

The Gift Experts at The Bradford Exchange are thrilled to share today’s post, especially if this is your favorite time of the year. And guess what? You don’t even need to slip on a sweater or a coat to feel its inspiration. Though the temperature may go down outside, it will always be warm inside your home (and heart) with Winter Ambience: Our Top 2024 Winter Decor Picks.

Radiant Joys of the Season Ornament Collection

Radiant Joys Of The Season Ornament Collection

The first snowman sighting of the season is such a joy! And if you’re a fan of these frosty fellows, you are sure to love this collection of duo-sided crystal snowflake ornaments. Arriving in sets of 3, these handcrafted treasures showcase the festive snowman imagery of acclaimed artist Dona Gelsinger and uplifting words. Plus, they light up with built-in LEDs at the flip of a switch or with convenient 24-hour timers, and dangle from snowflake-accented suction cups.

Thomas Kinkade Songs of the Season Snowglobe Collection

Thomas Kinkade Songs Of The Season Snowglobe Collection

Do you love the classic idyllic winter vision of legendary artist Thomas Kinkade? His artwork continues to delight many and also inspires the fully sculpted scenes inside these handcrafted snowglobes. The nostalgic tableaus light up with the flip of a switch and are nestled inside crystal-clear glass globes surrounded with swirling snow. And each snowglobe is perched atop a handsome base with even more imagery from the Painter of Light and plays a beloved holiday melody.

Aurora Borealis Floor Lamp

Aurora Borealis Floor Lamp

One of the most spectacular wonders on the planet this time of year is the elusive Aurora Borealis. Now you can experience its magic in your home with a 5-foot-tall floor lamp featuring the wolf art of renowned artist James Meger on all 4 sides. Turn it on and color-changing illumination infuses the dramatic imagery with dynamic hues of blue to green to violent, emulating the Northern Lights. And it arrives ready to display with 2 free lightbulbs.

Budweiser Wall Clock

Budweiser Wall Clock

The iconic Budweiser® Clydesdales have been part of winter traditions for decades. This time, the historic equestrian treasures are the star of an impressive atomic clock, officially licensed by Anheuser-Busch. Completely self-setting, it is always accurate to the second and when it senses darkness, it automatically illuminates to highlight art of the world-famous Clydesdales beneath glass. And it’s durable enough to be displayed inside or outside!

Thomas Kinkade A Warm Winter Welcome Snowman Wreath

Thomas Kinkade A Warm Winter Welcome Snowman Wreath

It’s one of the most inviting snowmen ever, nestled in a festive wreath that’s a full two feet high! A teardrop-shaped Always in Bloom® arrangement is filled with long-lasting holly leaves and red berries to highlight the frosty fellow in the middle: a dapper, hand-painted snowman holding a lamppost inspired by the artwork of Thomas Kinkade. And in an instant, the entire display lights up to create a warm holiday glow. And don’t forget, we have even more snowman decor on our website!

Winter’s Beautiful Moments Lantern

Winter's Beautiful Moments Lantern

One of the most special visions of winter is the appearance of cardinals, beloved for their beauty and meaning. This first-of-its-kind lantern captures their essence in a breathtaking scene inspired by the imagery of acclaimed artist Bradley Jackson. Beneath glass, sculpted cardinals perch in an Always in Bloom® arrangement of green fir branches, red berry clusters and holly leaves dusted with “snow”. To add even more dimension, the entire scene lights up while you listen to peaceful cardinal sounds.

Thomas Kinkade A Warm Winter’s Glow Sculpture

Thomas Kinkade A Warm Winter's Glow Sculpture

Get a sneak peek at the wintery magic that happens in the forest with this adorable, handcrafted sculpture inspired by the acclaimed art of beloved artist Thomas Kinkade. Meticulously painted by hand, it depicts a cheery snowman and his woodland friends, including 7 different species of songbirds, warming themselves around a cozy fire. The cheerful gathering is lit with glowing lights from the blaze and from the snowman’s lantern. Plus, it plays a medley of 8 favorite holiday tunes, unique bird songs and tweets.

Protectors of the Pack Sculpture Collection

Protectors of the Pack Sculpture Collection

Deeper into the wintery forest you will find a pack of majestic wolves, noble beasts that have enchanted and inspired us for centuries. This hand-cast sculpture brings you up close to the pack, showcasing their realism from every angle. Each nuanced detail is painted by hand and the breathtaking scene rests atop a handsome wood-look base with a silvery title plaque.

Winter’s Beautiful Blessings Tabletop Tree

Winter's Beautiful Blessings Tabletop Tree

One of the most welcoming signs of winter is the cardinal, beloved for both its beauty and meaning. From the festive vision of award-winning artist Joseph Hautman, these red-winged wonders come to life in 4 vivid sculptures nestled in a faux evergreen tree. Clusters of red berries, sculpted pinecones and a fresh layer of “snow” highlight the birds, along with 30 timer-controlled LED lights that create a warming glow. Plus, Mr. Hautman’s imagery is recreated on the decorative base for a finishing touch.

Carol of the Bells Portrait Doll

Carol of the Bells Portrait Doll

Just imagine ushering in Christmas with this heavenly beauty. She’s a Collector’s Edition sculpted angel that can be posed to stand exactly how you’d like and is sure to make an impression at 2 feet high. Her faux feather wings perfectly complement her silvery gown and her skirt glows with warm LED lights. And with just the touch of a button, she plays the enchanting melody of “Carol of the Bells”.

Are you in the mood for winter now? We sincerely trust today’s post inspires you to bring all the gorgeous, nostalgic and heartwarming things about the winter season into your home decorating. You can explore our entire selection of winter decor any time you feel a little frosty fancy.

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