10 Autumn and Halloween Decor Essentials

Now that Labor Day has come and gone, I’ve got fall on my mind. Autumn has always been my favorite season, with its fiery colors and sweet flavors, crisp air and cozy sweaters, Halloween treats and Thanksgiving feasts. So I’m particularly excited to introduce you to our gorgeous line-up of truly masterful home decor for fall. From handcrafted centerpieces for your Thanksgiving table to frightfully unique Halloween decorations, here are the home decor essentials you need this fall:

1. Thomas Kinkade’s Fruit Of The Spirit Tabletop Centerpiece

Thomas Kinkade's Fruit Of The Spirit Tabletop Centerpiece

Is there any sight more quintessentially autumn than a cornucopia? This hand-painted sculpture brings a bounty of Thanksgiving blessings to your table — serene artwork by Thomas Kinkade, a soulful Bible verse, and the colorful abundance of a farm-to-table feast.

2. Thomas Kinkade Autumn Blessings Wall Decor

Thomas Kinkade Autumn Blessings Wall Decor

Nobody captured the brilliance of nature quite like Thomas Kinkade, and his stunning portrait of a Victorian home in autumn is the perfect way to bring the season’s splendor indoors. A ready-to-hang masterpiece of colorful foliage and golden light, this framed canvas print is an artful addition to any room.

3. Great Pumpkin Carving Party Sculpture

Great Pumpkin Carving Party Sculpture

Remember when Halloween was a fun-filled occasion for pumpkin carving, apple bobbing, costume wearing and trick-or-treating with your very best friends? Well, Charlie Brown, Snoopy™ and the rest of the PEANUTS™ gang are here to remind you of the creativity, friendship and fun that Halloween is all about Featuring LED lights and spooky sounds, this delightfully detailed sculptural masterpiece is an absolute treat!

4. Thomas Kinkade Give Thanks Table Centerpiece

Thomas Kinkade Give Thanks Table Centerpiece

This sculptural pumpkin lets the beauty of fall really shine. Not only does it feature a gorgeous fall scene by Thomas Kinkade, an abundance of autumn-inspired sculptural detailing, and the antique charm of faux-burnished finishes, it also lights up from within. So whether you use it as a centerpiece or show it off on a shelf or side table, it will add a radiant touch of autumn to your home, day or night.

5. Reflections of a Harvest Season Table Centerpiece

Reflections of a Harvest Season Table Centerpiece

There’s so much to love about this autumn masterpiece, I don’t even know where to begin — the amber-tinted art glass pumpkin and hand-spun stem, the charming miniature 3D village inside (there’s a pumpkin patch, a cobblestone road, three illuminated houses strewn with colorful leaves, just to name a few of the details), or the horse-drawn farm wagons that rotate around the base? It all adds up to a spectacular centerpiece that promises to inspire wonder and spark conversation all season long!

6. Disney’s Enchanted Pumpkin Castle Sculpture

Disney's Enchanted Pumpkin Castle Sculpture

If you’re looking for a lighthearted Halloween decoration, this illuminated “pumpkin castle” is pure magic! A frightfully fun take on classic jack-o-lanterns, it features archived Disney art of adorably costumed characters, plus a tiny sculpted Tinker Bell suspended from the top. The best part? The whole thing lights up while spooky Halloween sounds play.

7. I’ll Get You My Pretty Illuminating Hourglass Sculpture

I'll Get You My Pretty Illuminating Hourglass Sculpture

Like everything about THE WIZARD OF OZ™, this hourglass sculpture is imaginative, spellbinding and a true masterpiece. Every detail is handcrafted to perfectly recreate the original movie hourglass, with a sculpture of the WICKED WITCH™ and Nikko peering into the crystal ball at the top. It even lights up, highlighting the hourglass and crystal ball’s golden-crackle finish and making it a bewitching addition to your Halloween decor (though if it were me, I’d probably keep it on display all year long — it’s just way too cool to put away).

8. The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock

The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock

A perennial favorite among Nightmare Before Christmas fans, this phenomenal wall clock captures all the weird and wonderful charm of the film in a timepiece that can’t help but impress. It brings the spook-tacular Halloween spirit to every day, but it’s especially well-suited for this season’s festivities, with its eerie illumination and “This Is Halloween” music.

9. Thomas Kinkade Autumn’s Golden Glow Table Centerpiece

Thomas Kinkade Autumn's Golden Glow Table Centerpiece

Maybe the best thing about fall is the explosion of colors that paint the landscape — and this silken floral arrangement is bursting with them. It’s like having a fresh, custom arrangement of autumn’s most brilliant flowers, only they won’t ever fade or wilt, and there’s no water to change. There is, however, a genuine crystal vase with Thomas Kinkade artwork and the shimmering glow of soft LED lights. In other words, it’s a perfectly brilliant addition to your seasonal home decor.

10. The Nightmare Before Christmas Moonlight Lamp

The Nightmare Before Christmas Moonlight Lamp

There’s no time like Halloween for romance, right? If you’re a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas, you’ll appreciate how dreadfully enchanting a full moon and the flicker of candlelight (inside a grinning jack-o-lantern) can be. And you’ll certainly be swept off your feet by this cleverly designed table lamp. A combination of flawlessly detailed sculpture, eerie blue light and colorful movie artwork on a custom fabric shade, it’s more than a Halloween decoration — it’s a home decor masterpiece.

When it comes to fall decor, do you prefer Halloween, Thanksgiving, or all-purpose autumn motifs? I’m a Halloween girl myself, but I’m curious to know what inspires you! Share your comments below, and please be sure to share this 2015 fall decor guide with your friends. If you’re already thinking about Christmas decor, check out our site for an amazing selection of trees, wreaths, centerpieces and more — and stay tuned, because I’ll be posting my recommendations soon enough!

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