Top 5 Dia de los Muertos Collectibles for Your Home

Originating in Mexico and Latin America, el Dia de los Muertos, translated the Day of the Dead, is a time for communities to come together to remember and honor their ancestors and loved ones who have passed away. To celebrate the cycle of life and death. Taking place on November 1 and 2, it is a joyful celebration deeply rooted in cultural traditions.

The Traditions of Day of the Dead

What are some key traditions one can expect to see during the Day of the Dead? One of the central ones is the building of colorful ofrendas or altars and decorating them with photographs of the deceased, marigold flowers, candles, sugar skulls, food, and other offerings. Many people, both young and old, dress in traditional Mexican clothing and paint their faces to resemble skulls or calaveras. And communities also hold candlelight processions and street parades.

How Can I Celebrate the Day of the Dead?

While there are plenty of ways one can partake in this visually striking and culturally rich celebration, The Bradford Exchange offers unique home decorating ideas and collectible treasures inspired by the Dia de los Muertos and traditional sugar skull art. These colorful treats may just make Day of the Dead extra sweet and meaningful for you or someone you love.

We invite you to check out our list of the Top 5 Dia de los Muertos Collectibles for Your Home:

Eternal Love Personalized Sculpture

Eternal Love Personalized Sculpture

Just hitched and deeply in love, this newlywed skeleton couple can’t wait to start their twisted romantic journey together. Carried off in a Victorian-style carriage pulled by a pair of undead horses, you won’t want to miss them as they ride off into eternity. Get ready to throw the rice! The base of this gothic handcrafted sculpture is personalized with 2 names too, so you can unite your love forever.

Dia de los Muertos Glitter Globe

Dia de los Muertos Glitter Globe

A little glow-in-the-dark illumination is a beautiful way to enhance Dia de los Muertos home decor! This glow-in-the-dark glitter globe is sure to lift the spirit with a sculptural sugar skull, purely stunning with its faux-jeweled eyes and hand-painted details. It even plays the haunting melody of “Claire de Lune.”

True Love Is Forever Personalized Figurine

True Love Is Forever Personalized Figurine

Ready to say “I do” to the most romantic personalized figurine? We hope the answer is “yes” because this sugar skull couple by renown artist Blake Jensen is simply irresistible! And just imagine your name and the name of your sweetheart personalized on the red heart behind the loving couple. It’s such a sweet expression of gothic devotion!

‘Forever Love Sugar Skull Parade Figurine Collection

Forever Love Sugar Skull Parade Figurine Collection

One great way to celebrate Dia de los Muertos is with a parade! Luckily, these Jasmine Becket-Griffith fairies have started their own festive procession in floats decked out with sugar skulls, beautiful gravestones, and floral hearts. Each fairy can be displayed with her float, all alone, or mixed and matched with other colorful fairies in the collection.

Tea with The Spirits Figurine Collection

Tea with The Spirits Figurine Collection

Tea time has never been so colorful or magically sweet! These elegant Jasmine Becket-Griffith fairy-in-teacup figurines are inspired by traditional sugar skull artwork and come to life with mesmerizing eyes, sweetly painted faces, flowing hair, glitter-kissed dresses and butterfly-like wings. And just look at them posing in their elaborately decorated teacups!

Did you see something to inspire el Dia de los Muertos spirit in your home? Our unique Day of the Dead collectibles are imbued with the rich traditions of the holiday, and are sure to add a unique and vibrant flair to your Dia de los Muertos décor and festivities! We hope this post inspires you to find a sweet treasure in time for this annual celebration. Feliz Dia de los Muertos to all!

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